9 Tips to Help You Conquer Stains ...


9 Tips to Help You Conquer Stains ...
9 Tips to Help You Conquer Stains ...

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time of the day. Stainingyour clothes is not a life-threatening accident but it can still be embarrassing to you and damaging to your clothes. Don’t despair because stains are often temporary and can be removed. Here are 9 general removal tips to help you conquer stains.

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Remove as Soon as Possible

Remove as Soon as Possible Photo Credit: Gopher Topher

As soon as you notice a stain on your clothes, act quickly but carefully to begin the stain removal process.Time management is key when it comes to stain removal!


Read Clothing Care Tag

Read Clothing Care Tag Photo Credit: xnickerx

The first thing you should do is to read the clothing care tag. Find out exactly what your item is made of and the recommended cleaning procedure. If it needs to be dry-cleaned, bring it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible. Show the dry cleaner where the stain is and what caused it. If your clothing is made of suede, leather, or fur, bring it to a professional cleaner. If you can treat it yourself, find out thebest product and way to do it.


Use the Appropriate Product

Use the Appropriate Product Photo Credit: GraphiChris

The stain removing agent that you will use depends on the type of fabric and the cause of the stain. Remember that hot water can make some stains harder to remove. Bar soaps can also make stains more permanent. Be careful about products that contain bleach because you may ruin the colorof your clothes.


Test on a Hidden Area

Test on a Hidden Area Photo Credit: limonada

Make sure to test cleaning products on a hidden area before starting the treatment. You want to know if the product will ruin the appearance of your clothes or not.


Handle Clothing with Care

Handle Clothing with Care Photo Credit: Yorktown Road

Don’t rub the fabric of your clothes too much. Rubbing can sometimes worsen or spread the stain. Rubbing excessively can also ruin the color and quality of the clothing item.


Don’t Mix Products

Don’t Mix Products Photo Credit: wd.farmer

As much as possible, try not to mix stain removing agents. Mixing products may cause clothing discoloration. Mixing may also produce toxic fumesthat can harm you.


Wash Treated Items

Wash Treated Items Photo Credit: ellabellasmommy2004

Once you are done with the stain treatment, wash the clothing item using the process indicated in the care tag. Once washing is done, check the stain to see if it needs to be treated again. Don’t expose the item to heat if a repeat treatment is needed. Heat will set the stain.


Have Patience

Have Patience Photo Credit: uhhhlaine

Some stains do not come out after one treatment. Learn patience and work on the stain until you get the desired results.


Learn to Move on

Learn to Move on Photo Credit: Room With A View

You need to learn to let go of your clothing item and move onif the stain can’t simply be removed.

Following these general stain removal tips will help you successfully restore your clothing to its pristine condition. Remember that there are different procedures for specific stains on certain fabrics and materials so be sure to do additional research.

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