9 Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products ...


9 Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products ...
9 Harmful Ingredients in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products ...

Cosmetic and personal care products help us achieve that fresh, groomed, and clean look. We turn to these products to make us feel good about ourselves. They claim to be able to give us beauty, youth, and self-confidence. But little do we know, they can also contain chemicals that can damage our skin and our organs. Here is a list of 9 harmful ingredients in personal care products.

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Parabens Photo Credit: Donna Manning

Parabens are preservatives used to lengthen the shelf life of personal care products and even some food items. However, in us humans, they can cause premature aging. They can also trigger allergies, although this is rare. Parabens can increase estrogen levels and has been linked to breast cancer.



BHA/BHT Photo Credit: yuhsuan chen

These preservatives, although used to prevent food and cosmetics from going rancid, can be harmful for humans. These compounds are fat soluble and can accumulate in the fat cells of the body. Over time, one can experience toxicity and health problems. BHA and BHT are said to cause cancer and tumors.


Diethanolamine (DEA)

Diethanolamine (DEA) Photo Credit: robi? elizabeth

This compound is used to produce that thick lather in your shampoo and that smooth consistency in lotions. When it reacts with the other ingredients in the products, it becomes carcinogenic. It can affect your hormones and may cause stomach, liver, esophagus, and bladder cancers.


Mineral Oils

Mineral Oils Photo Credit: ((( S )))

Mineral oils are used as moisturizers in personal care products. Even though it may seem that they are helpful to your body, they can actually cause damage. Mineral oils can hinder the proper absorption of some vitamins and minerals. The oils can also clog pores and cause premature aging.



Petrolatum/paraffin Photo Credit: stevec77

These petroleum-based ingredients are used in personal care products as the main ingredient of skin protectants. Even though it softens and soothes dry skin, it can also clog pores and can actually worsen dry skin and acne. These moisturizers have also been found in breast cancer tumors.



Parfum Photo Credit: Chrissie White

You might know that parfum is the chemical used in different personal care products to improve the smell. It is also used to give your perfume that delicious and enticing scent. However, not many people know that parfum is an irritant and can trigger allergies. Some people experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Parfum can also aggravate lung problems in some individuals.


Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol Photo Credit: SarahJeanPhoto

This solvent is used in many personal care products, as well as in industrial products such as air conditioning compressor lubricant, coolant, and anti-freeze. While it can help retain skin moisture, it can also cause liver and kidney problems. Propylene glycol can also cause eye and skin irritation.



Triclosan Photo Credit: El Tekolote

Triclosan is an anti-bacterial ingredient commonly used in deodorants, soaps, toothpastes, and anti-microbial creams. But did you know that it is also registered as a pesticide by the United States Environmental Protection Agency? Not only is this ingredient harmful for the environment, it can also cause cancer in human beings. It can cause endocrine and reproductive malfunctions as well.



SLS/SLES Photo Credit: murn

Sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate are chemicals used to produce foam and bubbles in shampoos, soaps, body gels, and facial cleansers. These chemicals, despite being cleaning agents, can irritate your skin and eyes.

Take a look at the ingredients of the products on your shelf right now. Do they have the ingredients mentioned in the list? Next time, think twice before buying the same products. Know that you are not limited to products with harmful ingredients. There are natural alternatives that do not cost a fortune. And even if you have to shell out a bit more cash, think about how you are protecting your body from potential sicknesses and problems.

Top Photo Credit: Donna Manning

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That's a great great topic!!!!!! Thank YOU so much^^

What a load of bs. Do blueberries cause breast cancer. They contain natural parabens which are amongst most effective and safe preservatives known.

Sorry if spelling is wrong i cant spell well....When usein a clenser if it burns is that good or bad. I thought it was good bcuz I thought it was cleaning good and getting deep into poors. But then I was thinkin maybe it's bad?

I would actually love to see an article that tells you which vitamins are the best for your skin and what they do for you(dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, old/young skin, body)

Ooo...great topic! It's always good to know which chemicals are OK and which are a definite no-no.

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