9 Homemade Skincare Treatments ...

I love taking care of my skin. But I hate spending money on most skincare treatments. So, whenever possible, I try to make my own. It’s so often easy, it’s completely natural, and I get less irritation, which is awesome since I have ridiculously sensitive skin. Anyway, I was checking out some new options and thought I’d share the ones I thought were best!

1. Egg Whites

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Photo Credit: maryannlacy

This was actually the very first homemade skincare treatment I ever learned about and used, all thanks to my mom. Now, you can use the yolks on your skin too, or you can shampoo with them. Smoothing the whites over your face, however, helps tighten your skin, keeping it taut and maintaining its elasticity. Just don’t get them in your mouth!

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