8 Must Try Facials


8 Must Try Facials
8 Must Try Facials

I assume you like all others are in a constant search for that miraculous transformation of the skin. Well, I have found 8 must try facials which are known to make your skin look and feel like never before. Be sure to try them out to breathe a new life into your skin.

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June Jacobs Pinnacle Facial

Priced at $195, this 50 minute facial treatment is a double dose of exfoliating massages and guarantees to rid your skin of dead skin and cleanse the pores. You can get it in White Sulphur Spring, Virginia at the Greenbriar Resort. June Jacobs also has an array of use-at-home cleansers and masques, all available at junejacobs.com.


Sisley anti-Aging Facial

Canyon Ranch Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts is where you can pamper yourself to this 50-minute skin-firming treatment. A favorite among women older than 35 with very dry skin, this facial is specially loved for its immediate skin-plumping effect which is a result of the highly moisturizing products used in it.


High Altitude Repair Facial

This moisture restoring facial costs $190. The Snake River Lodge & Spa in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the place to get this treatment because Jackson Hole is 6,000 feet above sea level, which is why the air here is thin and dry, dehydrating even the oiliest skin. The treatment that lasts an hour and twenty minutes uses products rich in vitamins B and C, and hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring moisturizer.


Alaska Glacial Facial

If want to pamper yourself with this amazing skin softening treatment you need to head to the Spa at the Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska. Priced at $110, this 50-minute exfoliating and moisturizing treatment uses organic ingredients and creamy mud from Alaska's Copper River to smooth a rough complexion. You can also shop for their products on alaskaglacialmud.com and save yourself the trip.


Cle De Peau Beaute's Facial Treatment

Okay you are going to call me a nut, but you have to go to the Mitsukoshi stores in Tokyo if you are looking to even out your skin tone. Massage being the main feature of this facial, it is said to increase circulation and facilitate the absorption of products. The facial costs $174 and lasts for 90 minutes. Why the French name? No clue.


Sensitive/Reactive Facial

Here’s something for those addicted to getting themselves worn out on the ski-slopes of Aspen Colorado. At $125, the Cos Bar offers a 60-minute treatment which relaxes skin irritated by long sessions on the slopes or simply by stress. The facial incorporates a gentle peel and anti-inflammatory masks for your face and eyes.


Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation

Acupuncture is gaining popularity because of its visible effects on the human body. It is yet to be heavily marketed but ask your beautician and she might be able to arrange for acupuncture facial. The treatment is done by needles inserted at special acupuncture points along lines in the body called meridians which balance the flow of energy in the body enabling it to heal itself.


Skinsations Spa Facial

Now here is a facial to rejuvenate your skin and your mind. Skinsations Spa, located in the bustling city of Tustin, California, offers this two and a half hour experience. Why so long you ask, because they give you two peels, a hot stone massage, hand and foot treatment and more. No wonder then, you leave the spa not only looking great but feeling great as well.

So you know what to plan your weekend around. Choose the facial that suits you best and head for these delightful spots. After all you have worked hard and deserve a pamper session, don’t you?

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Avive Laboratories Awesome! They have true 24 gold and based on nano technologies. Plus hyaluronic acid and natural oils.

These sound nice, but they are SUPER expensive. I was expecting something that was nice, but in a low price range.

These facials are VERY expensive

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