9 Best Foods for Your Skin ...

By Mercy

9 Best Foods for Your Skin ...

Are you too trying to improve your skin eating the right foods? Well, then, this list of 9 skin for your skin will show you which foods have the biggest toll on our beauty!

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1 Low Fat Yogurt ...

Low fat dairy products are full of vitamin A. This essential vitamin does wonders for our skin. If you have a thyroid problem or diabetes that’s another reason for you to stock up on organic law fat yogurts!

2 Berries ...

I am talking about plums, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries (No, not the phone!). These berries have a great antioxidant capacity which means - the more of these we have, the longer our skin will look youthful and healthy!

3 Salmon ...

Our skin needs essential fatty acids. If fish isn’t your thing, try walnuts, flax seed or canola oil. All these will give you an amazing result! Omega 3 and Omega 6 may sound like a Sci-fi flick, but these fatty acids are a must for a beautiful, well moisturized skin.

4 Green Tea ...

This drink contains polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory characteristics. And despite what they say, a good tea will not dehydrate your body, it will only work as an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent that'll keep bacteria at bay and will fight off those free radicals that make our skin age early.

5 Water ...

Did I even need to mention it? :) Good hydration is our skin’s best friend, right? And I’m talking about good bottled or filtered water in its purest form and not sodas or energy drinks. So ensure that you’re getting at least 8 glasses of water a day for your beautiful skin.

6 Avocados ...

Avocado is rich in B-complex vitamins and essential oils and works like an anti-inflammatory agent. It also soothes skin that is red, irritated or blotchy. You can even mix it with yogurt and berries to add some flavor!

7 Mangoes ...

Yum! I’m glad this one’s on the list. Lots of vitamin A is in store with this skin do-gooder! This fruit will repair your skin cells so that your skin doesn’t look flaky. It has only 70 calories per serving so it’s ideal for your weight loss program as well.

8 Almonds ...

Vitamin E helps to moisturize your skin from within. It also protects your skin from damage and premature aging. Eating almonds can help your facial tissue stay in its best shape for years!

9 Cottage Cheese ...

Apart from calcium, cottage cheese is great for selenium and it's an essential mineral for a youthful, glowing skin, Ladies!

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There you have it - the 9 best foods that are great for your skin. So stock up on these foods next time you do grocery shopping and your bright, young, healthy and glowing skin will be on its way!

Know about other foods that are great for the skin? Please tell me, I'd love to know what they are...

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i need help to shoting my fat to look fresh beuiltful in my body.

I'm going to try it!

Thanks for the tips! And here is my 2 cents: Low-fat yogurt is actually not that great for your skin and there are better sources for vitamin A. Dairy of all sorts can actually cause a very damp environment, which in Chinese Medicine can lead to a sluggish accumulation that can present itself as acne (and commonly does). I have gotten many clients to quit eating yogurt and they are experiencing far fewer breakouts.

RT RT GreenTea makes one of 9 best foods for radiantskin!.. check the rest out here: (via Twitter)

This is good news, I’m really looking forward to playing around with it once the beta opens up.,

Hello,very good article. Infos are pretty interesting and saves me a lot time which I could spend on something else instead of searching posts like this :) Thank you


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