Fond of Bottled Water? Its Just but a Fad


Fond of Bottled Water? Its Just but a Fad
Fond of Bottled Water? Its Just but a Fad

If you’re fond of drinking lots of water and if you’re one of those who just cannot be caught dead without that brand-name bottled water on you, then you should read this! You see, Dr. Keith Hopcroft, the author of that article, is claiming that bottled water is just but a fad and you’re really just lured to the commercialism and superficiality of it all. In fact, he even cited a certain warehouseman Andrew Thornton who allegedly died after drinking massive amounts of cold water to help his painful gums!

So maybe it should be no surprise that, despite the flood of advice about us needing to drink more, there’s hardly any scientific evidence to say we should hit the water bottle.

It doesn’t “flush out toxins”. It doesn’t make you look more beautiful. And it doesn’t get you fitter although all that running to the loo is good exercise.
- The Sun UK

Dr. Hopcroft’s article also enumerated that people lose 1.5 liters of water through urinating and 1 liter through sweating. However, 1 liter of water also comes from our food and that we actually gain 1.5 liters back from our drinks. And that the only time that you may require more than just 2.5 liters of water per day is when you rigorously exercise. Who knew?

Personally, I really thought that we need to drink loads of water everyday because it flushes out toxins and clears our skin. After all, that’s what the bottled water companies tell us! Now, with these claims from a doctor, however, you can’t help but think if we’ve just allowed ourselves to be lured into something that’s not true after all…plus I can’t help but think if the bottled water companies are set to launch campaigns refuting Dr. Hopcroft!

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