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3 Rules for the Best Weight Loss Workout ...

By Amanda

Many of us look for quick weight loss but, unfortunately, that often leads to trying fad diets and eventually gaining a couple of pounds more on top what we already have… We have to admit that extra weight is usually a result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise, and that permanent weight loss is a slow process which involves changing our menu (check out 5 How-To’s of Losing Weight and Remaining Sound) and enhancing metabolism through regular exercise.

Exercise also helps burn calories and maintain lean muscles when we are on a diet. With as little as 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week we can shed off up to a pound of fat a month (which is about 12 pounds of fat a year!) Eat a healthier diet, make sure to learn from weight-loss rights and wrongs (whether your own or someone you know) - and the results will be even more terrific!

What are the best workouts for losing weight? The most efficient approach is to combine weight training with an aerobic-type exercise and stretching:

1 Hit the Gym …

Go to your local gym 3 days a week for a half-an-hour weight training. The best would be to hire a personal trainer, especially if you have not exercised before. Apply the principle of progressive resistance training and try not to lift weight two days in a row, to allow your muscles to rest.
2. Keep moving …
Actively move at least three days a week, preferably at those days when you are not engaged in weight lifting. Depending on your preferences and current degree of fitness, you can choose from the following list of the best weight loss aerobic-type workouts:

- brisk walking - you can walk in a park or even in your favourite mall! ;)
- **jogging**, running, ****walking ;
- **cycling**;
- swimming;
- **aerobics**;
- tennis or badminton; or
- skiing or skating - especially if you live in Canada :) ;

3 Stretch …

I recommend that you gently stretch every morning for about 10 minutes to prepare your body for your daily activities, and also for about 5 minutes before weight lifting or moving workouts. Stretching will warm up your muscles, prevent injuries, and add its part in trimming your thighs and belly. The best stretching exercises can be found in:

- Yoga (see 7 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Yoga);
- **Tai Chi**; or
- **Pilates**.

Enjoy your healthy diet and regular workouts, and get prepared for your new body -**lean, fit****, and fabulous**!

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