Top 10 Weight Loss Books ...


Top 10 Weight Loss Books ...
Top 10 Weight Loss Books ...

With all the books on weight loss around at the moment, it can be hard to know which ones will help and which will be a waste of money. I’ve had a look through the good and the bad, and here are my top ten favourite weight loss books!

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Weight Watchers: a Loss That Lasts

Weight Watchers: a Loss That Lasts I love weight watchers. The communities are always very close knit, and they support you though the losses and the gains. This book sums up all the tips and hints that you get at the meetings, as well as dispelling common rumours and being the friendliest weight loss book I’ve ever read.
Price: $9.32 at


Our Lady of Weight Loss

A brilliant book that helps you to lose weight while providing motivation and humour on every page too. It’s a brilliant book, and should be the bible of women trying to lose weight. Its packed with advice, and is just perfect.
Price: $7.89 at


Weight Loss for Dummies

Weight Loss for Dummies If you’ve ever read a ‘For Dummies’ book, you’ll appreciate how funny but clever they actually are. They even manage to make economics full! I have this book, and regularly get it out to read some more of the fantastic tips. It’s definitely worth buying!
Price: $26.99 at


The Japan Diet

This made the news on its release, and that is why I bought it. It is full of useful advice and tips, though, as well as a good insight into Japanese life, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is more of an advice book then an actual diet, but the tips are adaptable to your lifestyle. Plus, its a lot cheaper than some of the others!
Price: $0.29, used, at


The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You

To Know About
This is a another tip-packed book which is definitely worth the read. I’d ask your friends and family before you buy it, though, or check out your local library. The diet itself seems quite difficult, and has different success rates. While I know several people who have had a lot of success, others have felt disappointed that they saw no change. It’s not suitable for vegetarians, either. If you’ve tried it, I’d really love to hear your feedback on this one!
Price: $8.98 at


Rethinking Thin

This is another much underrated book. It is perfect for women going on their first diet, but would have plenty of tips and knowledge for someone approaching their fiftieth, too! It discusses the science behind different dieting attempts, and the common myths that get passed from generation to generation. I enjoyed reading it.
Price: $10.20 at


Joanna Hall's Step by Step Guide

I didn’t enjoy this too much, but I have plenty of friends who swear by it. This version is on an audio CD, and teaches you Joanna’s diet. She adds her own experiences with the diet, and talks about temptation and exercise too. It’s an excellent plan if you can get into it!

Price: $2.00, used, at They don’t have any new in stock right now, but it’s about $15.


I Can Make You Thin

If you haven’t already read this, you definitely should. The book comes with a CD, and uses psychological techniques to help you control cravings, stop over eating and feel motivated. The book works well on its own, but combined with the CD it’s an amazing diet that everybody should try.
Price: $12.39 at


Susie Orbach on Eating

I hadn’t heard of this until a friend bought it, but it really deserves much more publicity. The book teaches you how to stop eating for emotional reasons and every page is full of bite size information that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Definitely, definitely worth checking out.
Price: $6.04 at


The No Diet Diet - do Something Different

The No Diet Diet - do Something Different This book tries something many diet books don’t... encouraging you not to diet. By inspiring and motivating you to go out and do other things, you begin to eat to live rather than live to eat. The behavioural changes it causes encourage long term weight loss, and the technique works perfectly. The end of faddy diets?
Price: $5, used, at

So whether you’re looking for tips and advice or the actual diet, there is a book and a diet for you. Check them out and let me know which ones you love and which ones you don’t...after all, we’re all in this together!

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I would like to add "The Fat Smash Diet" by Ian D. Smith, M.D. I actually followed this diet regimen for one full cycle, and lost 15 lbs. as a result of it. If you like fruits and vegetables, you will love this diet. I really enjoyed it, and plan to do it again, after New Year. Will keep you posted...

I prefer to watch a video with some exersising. It can help better than a book!

Your welcome :)

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