Top 13 Weight Loss Myths ...


Top 13 Weight Loss Myths ...
Top 13 Weight Loss Myths ...

The weight loss industry is surrounded by lies and mystery... mainly because most ‘new’ weight loss methods require you to believe something radically different! But while some of the myths are very obviously false, there are others which are a little more ambiguous and it’s easy to believe that they could be true... I’ve rooted through, and here are my top thirteen weight loss myths!

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You Don’t Need to Exercise to Lose Weight

Okay, so there is a tiny bit of truth in this, but only a smidgen! Following only a diet is never advisable and you will need to follow an exercise routine of some sort along with the diet to lose weight in a healthy way.


Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is commonly talked about as a diet "trick", but is actually scientifically proven to cause you to consume more calories through the day as you try to rev up your metabolism and feel full. So eat a healthy breakfast and you will stay fitter.


Time is of the Essence

A recent study in Cambridge has shown that eating a meal late at night does not cause weight gain. The calories were broken down and digested the same as eating in the morning or afternoon, so diets claiming that eating before 6pm will make you look slim are false. Sorry!


Avoiding ‘bad’ Foods

All foods are good in moderation. Even pie! While it’s obvious that fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. will be better for you, even ‘bad’ foods have nutritional benefits as long as they aren’t over-consumed.


Low Fat

Low fat food has become pretty big lately, so much so that people forget to check the sugar and calorie content. Low fat does not always mean its good for you and switching to the low fat version of everything won’t necessarily make you lose weight. Do your homework!


Fruit Juice is as Good as Fruit

The best rule to apply here is that you should aim to eat food as close to its natural form as possible. So juice diets aren’t just as good as eating the fruit, as they have been removed and sweetened to taste, with preservatives added too. So eat the fruit as it is for a delicious, healthy snack!


Once You Hit 40, You Gain Weight

Okay, so there is truth in this. Your 9 Ways to Get a Faster Metabolism … @Jennifer will slow down with age, but as long as you keep your exercise levels the same or decrease your calories slightly, you won’t gain weight at all. This is just used to sell weight loss products to older women!


Quick Weight Loss is the Best

Umm... no! Slow weight loss over a period of time is a better idea, as you will actually be losing weight this way, rather than starving muscle. Fast weight loss almost always results in fast weight gain, so it really isn’t worth the time!


Stopping Smoking Causes Weight Gain

There is truth in this, but a very small amount. Nicotine does slightly speed up the metabolism, but this isn’t enough to be noticeable. What is, however, is the urge to eat just for something to do. 7 Ways in Which Smoking Affects Your Beauty ... @Kati means you are used to having something in your hands and your mouth, so when you quit, you’ll probably snack to keep busy. Keep fruit and nuts around as a healthier alternative!


Losing Weight Will Solve Your Problems

If you have weight problems, losing weight will simply indicate that you have found a diet that works for you — it will not solve the problem itself. Likewise, if you have any other issues, it probably won’t affect them at all. Relationship problems cannot be solved by losing a few pounds!


Holiday Fun!

It is entirely possible to enjoy the holiday season without gaining weight! Don’t make a self fulfilling prophecy and instead believe you can eat in moderation and maintain a good weight. As long as you stick to this, you can have fun and not pile on the pounds!


Slow Metabolism

This isn’t an excuse! If your metabolism is slow, then do something to speed it up. Make sure you have breakfast and do some exercise every day, even if it’s just a jog in your garden. Diets that promise to speed up your metabolism won’t work and on the contrary, might upset your digestive system!


Fattening Food

Too much fatty food certainly isn’t good for you, but it won’t make you instantly put on weight either! If the scales change after you eat a big meal, it’s probably water weight. You’ll lose those pounds as quickly as you gained them! Avoid diets which suggest completely cutting out fat, or promise instant results. Weight loss, like weight gain, takes time!

I feel so much more relaxed about my eating habits since I’ve read these myths! It can be so easy to get confused by the media and advertisements for new diets. Have you heard a diet myth? Please let me know!

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Aaaaaaaaa Easter is really near and temptation is here again!! :( I really need to begin to take my diet seriously!!

This is a great list! I had trouble with my weight after pregnancy and it's taken years to find a regime that works for me. I don't know if this counts as a myth, but I've realised that when I feel like I want to snack on something and it's not a mealtime, it's often because I'm thirsty. So my tip is to keep a big bottle of water to hand and keep yourelf hydrated. Great for your skin too!

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