Weight Loss Truths ...


Weight Loss Truths ...
Weight Loss Truths ...

**By Katie Gatto **

Losing weight, we know that we should do it, after all it is not just matter of our to attractive but a health issue. Being at a healthy weight lowers your risk substantially for heart attacks, diabetes and many different types of cancer. We know that we should do something about it in order to avoid these dangers and keep ourselves healthy as possible.

It can be hard, believe me I know that. Most of us struggle with our weight and those of us who say that we don't are probably fibbing.

A good step toward getting healthy would be knowing what we should be doing. Sure, there is a dizzying any of people who are willing to tell you what makes for a good weight loss plan. Don't eat any fat, don't eat any carbs, use your glycemic index, your body shape or your hip to waste ratio. It's enough to make you want to give up before you even start.

Lets cut through the hype and get to what the heart of each of these diets are telling you. Cut out the calories to a level where you are eating less than you are burning. How you get there is the big deal to the "experts", but if you want to save the 19.50 here are the bones of the plan(s):

• Replace high fat snacks with low fat ones.
• Don't have high calorie drinks, go with a low or no calorie drink.
• Have low calorie meals with appropriate portion sizes.

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Don't forget the exercise. You cannot lose weight in a healthy way unless you are active. You want to retain muscle and burn fat. The easiest exercise, besides getting out of bed and staying on your feet, is walking. It doesn't matter where and you don't need to set nay records. Walk as far as you can as fast as you can for as long as you can. Get to the end of the block and back? Great. Tomorrow go a few extra steps. Can you do that twice in one day? Twice as good. Don't have any fancy clothes or athletic shoes? So what. Look around. Most people on the street should have looked in the mirror before leaving the house. And they are not interested in you; they only care about themselves. If you set the goal of reaching the end of the block and you make it, you win. Set that small goal of "whatever you can do" and do it. Coupled with setting a goal on your eating, like eliminating high fat snacks, you can take one step at a time and reach that small goal. So what if you think you need to lose 50 pounds. You do it in small steps. If you lose 1/2 pound a week, that's 25 pounds a year. I lost that by watching what I ate (no bed time snacks, fruit for dessert and snacks) and walking more. I went to the gym because it motivated me to look at all the toned people and KNOW that I was once that slim and could be again. And the view was not boring. Now I am at goal and I walk my dogs a lot to keep here. Maybe you don't see any results for a while. But INSIDE your body is changing. One day you realize that your pants were easier to zip up. If you backslide, so what. You are human. Start over, because every little step you take benefits you in the long run.

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