Weight Loss Advice and More from Jen ...


Weight Loss Advice and More from Jen ...
Weight Loss Advice and More from Jen ...

**Name: **Jen Houck****
**Age: **28
**Favorite Blogs to Read: **
5 Minutes for Mom
Confessions of a CF Husband
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Q: I noticed in the Easter pictures; you have a very classy sense of style. Are you more comfortable in your dress suit or jeans?

A: I do love to dress up at times, but I am definitely comfortable if I have my favorite jeans on. I have been known to wear a pair of jeans till the holes start peeking through in the back pockets sigh! Love me some jeans :).

Jen's Daughters
Q: What is your favorite makeup or accessory?
A: I am very attached to my lip gloss. I can even go out of the house with just my lip gloss on and no facial makeup.

Q: What’s most important in shoes: nice or comfortable? I know from experience it’s difficult to find both in the same shoe! What are your favorite shoes?

A: I am actually going to say this.. My crocs! I bought my first pair of crocs about 3 years ago and they have yet to let me down. This past winter, I even bought a pair that has fur in them so keep my feet warm. So happy they came out with that style as I love my crocs. I even have my girls wearing mary jane crocs, which reminds me I need to get them some more as theirs are getting too little.

Q: What celebrity do you admire most and why?
A: Elisabeth Hasselbeck! She is one strong girl to keep going and going after so much heat that she gets for being a conservative mom. I am a huge conservative mom and I don't know if I could be as strong as she is with all that is thrown at her. She really loves her family and has such the great balance between work and family.

Q: You have a beautiful family! Where did you meet your husband and what first attracted you to him? Was it love at first sight?

Jen's daughter at the Blueridge Parkway
A: We have a unique story. We were both working a part-time job in the evenings after our full-time job. It was a retail place and we started casually talking about these log cabin magazines we had for sale. This went on for about 3 or 4 weeks. Then one evening I came in for work, I went back to my locker and found a card there. He had slipped it into my locker and that is when I knew he had the same feelings I did. I don't know if it was love at first sight, he definitely grew on me that's for sure :).

Q: Holy weight loss, Jen! Your pictures truly do speak a thousand words. And probably a thousand steps! How have you managed losing 40 pounds?

Jen Before Losing 41 Pounds
A: The first 10 pounds I worked really hard and it was taking me such a long time to get those 10 pounds off. One day, I was speaking to my best friend about this and suggested to her, I would really love to do Weight Watchers. We began Weight Watchers together in November and that is where the other 30 pounds were gone for good :). Weight Watchers has really helped me with portion control and eating healthier altogether. Now, it really makes me think before I put something in my mouth - Do I have enough points for this today? Whereas before, I would just eat it no matter what. We are also doing it as a family and it's so cute to hear my oldest daughter now ask me, "Mom how many points does this have?", before she eats something now. It's great to instill these qualities in them at this early age, because I was brought up to eat everything on my plate no matter what. It really shouldn't be like that. It's all about balance and I am so glad that I have learned this now and will continue to live by this from now on.

Q: What are your favorite exercises or activities?
A: My most favorite exercise is walking of course. I could walk all day and it really helps the most I believe. I also like doing our Nintendo Wii to do even more exercises and activities. Hey, you can really get a work out with that game system. I am very anxious to begin using the new fitness game coming out for the Wii, the EASports Active.

** Jen After Losing 41 Pounds!**
Q: Weight loss can be tough on our emotions and on our bodies. What do you do to maintain your health while losing weight?

A: It does take its toll on our emotions. Believe me, I have cried more than once through this weight loss. They have been happy, sad and even mad tears. What has helped me the most is my best friend Cindy! She has been there for me to hear me out when I have a bad weigh in or I wasn't losing as fast as I thought. Also my faith in the Lord has helped me a lot. I can go to him anytime in prayer and feel so refreshed. I just make sure I am really open and do not keep my emotions in as stressing yourself out can make the weight stay on longer.

Q: What are your favorite healthy snacks?
A: I love snacking on cucumbers and celery throughout the day. Also, I will have a small handful of peanuts once a day usually. I really love salty foods and peanuts are really healthy if ate in moderation. I like to keep cantaloupe and strawberries on hand to snack on during the day. I usually let myself have one sweet a day as well to keep me going ;). It usually is a weight watchers cookie, brownie, or one of their small cakes.

Q: If you don’t mind, share a little about your weight loss journey with our readers.

A: After my first child, I was back in my size 7's (some 5's) by the time she was 6 months old. I breastfed and drank tons of water, so I knew that helped me get back to the size I did. I did gain 69 pounds with my first pregnancy so it was an accomplishment to get that off by the time she was 6 months old.

I got pregnant again with my second child, when my first child was 13 months old. I gained again close to 60 pounds with this pregnancy. I breastfed and drank tons of water again, but this time, I wasn't as lucky to get the weight off. It just wasn't coming off. Believe me, I tried exercise, I tried all kinds of diets. It was driving me crazy. When she reached 4 years old, I knew it was time to do something and get this weight off for good. Honestly, I was tired of diets so I knew I did not want to go that route again. That is when I joined Weight Watchers with my best friend. What most people do not know, Weight Watchers is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. You can still eat whatever you want, but it has to be in moderation and balance. You have to take control of your portions.

I weigh in each week and go to the weekly meetings. I log my food and points each day in my food journal. This has all led me to the 41 pounds I have lost today. I have about 30 more pounds to go to reach my ultimate goal. I have no doubt that I will be there by July :).

Q: What’s your favorite car?
A: I really love my Honda Odyssey but would love to have one day the Toyota FJ Cruiser or the Ford Flex. I have never driven either one and it is my dream to one day to do that!

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