10 Tips to Slow down Your Metabolism ...

There are a lot of reasons you might want to slow down your metabolism. For me, it was to try and gain a little weight. It was difficult at first, but here are the things I did (and didn’t do!) that worked for me!

1. Don’t Skip the Cardio

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Yes, your metabolism will slow down a little if you stop working out, but then you’ll lose a lot of energy, as well as muscle tone and endurance.

2. Walk, Don’t Run

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Slow down all around, but don’t stop. Instead of running or jogging, try speed-walking.

3. Avoid Spicy Foods

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When you eat red peppers and other spicy foods, you’ll get a half-hour metabolic boost. So if you want to slow down your metabolism, avoid spicy foods!

4. Avoid Caffeine

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Caffeine will also provide a quick boost to your metabolism, so avoid sodas, chocolate, coffee, and other foods and beverages with caffeine.

5. Eat Fewer Meals

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An easy way to slow your metabolism is to eat three large meals each day, rather than four or five, plus snacks. For example, eat a hearty breakfast (whole grain cereal, fruit, milk), a nice lunch, and a square dinner every day.

6. Keep a Moderate Weight

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Don’t go from underweight to overweight and back down again. This will throw your metabolism into a tailspin.

7. Don’t Yo-yo Diet

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Don’t try every new diet you see, either. This will also make it harder to regulate your metabolism, not to mention slow it down. Find one plan, and stick to it.

8. Is It Medical?

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A rare medical condition known as hyperthyroidism can cause you to have a faster-than-normal metabolism. Talk to your doctor, if you’re concerned, and they can perform and easy, painless test.

9. Know the Pro

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Foods that are high in protein and in carbs can speed up your metabolism, but you still need them. Visit mypyramid.gov to see how much protein, and how many carbs, you need every day.

10. Ask for Help

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If you’re just not sure what else you can try to slow down your metabolism, talk to a professional nutritionist or to your doctor. I’m sure they know some things I don’t (you know, med school), and they’ll be happy to help.

My favorite tip is number 5. I love eating big meals and it’s actually helped me slow my metabolism and gain weight! What tips work best for you? Do you have any other secrets to share? Please let me know!

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