10 Tricks for Eating Less ...


10 Tricks for Eating Less ...
10 Tricks for Eating Less ...

With food joints everywhere, it seems people want to pig out. While driving down the road, all they have to do is pull into a restaurant. Fast food joints have made it so convenient by putting drive through windows. We are bombarded by advertisements on the radio, billboard, TV, magazines and newspapers. People claim they are staying slim and still eating bad food. When we go to restaurants, they give giant portions of food. It’s not just McDonald’s fries that are super-sized, food everywhere has become super-sized and unfortunately, so have the people. So, I have decided to give you 10 tricks for eating less…

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Learn That You Are Officially Full before You Put down Your Fork or Spoon

Learn That You Are Officially Full before You Put down Your Fork or Spoon Photo Credit: 7oO7oO

We all have a survival gene known as the thrifty gene. This encourages us to continue shoving food in our mouth, even when we are full. We can be full and not even realize it. Stop eating those last couple of bites of green beans and wait to see if you desire more. Chances are, the desire to eat is going to go away.


Cut Back on the Fat

Cut Back on the Fat Photo Credit: Scandblue

Did you know that fat has nine calories per gram? You could eat the same amount of food while drastically cutting back on those calories.


When You Are Eating out, Order Two Appetizers

When You Are Eating out, Order Two Appetizers Photo Credit: taminsea

In a restaurant, when you are eating out, instead of ordering one appetizer, or two and then a main dish. Or, you could simply order the main dish and no appetizers. Skin the desert. If you just have to order it, share it. Ask for a doggy bag before you start to eat. Put a portion of that meal in there ahead of time.


Before the Main Meal, Have a Light Soup

Before the Main Meal, Have a Light Soup Photo Credit: [Christine]

Before you eat your main meal, try having a light soup. This will fill you up quicker. Or, better yet, trying having the light soup for your main meal. You will also be consuming less calories.


Before You Eat, Drink a Lot of Water

Before You Eat, Drink a Lot of Water Photo Credit: globevisins

Before I eat, I like drinking a large glass of water, this causes me to be less hungry. In turns, this will cause you to eat less! This is a pretty good trick!


Take Your Time While Eating!

Take Your Time While Eating! Photo Credit: ckaiserca

What are you eating so fast for? Slow down and enjoy every bite you take. Chew it and savor it. I like to set my fork down between bites. Twenty minutes after you take the first bite, sugar will run through your blood. Regardless of how much you have consumed, you are going to feel full.


Never Allow Yourself to Get Really Hungry

Never Allow Yourself to Get Really Hungry Photo Credit: Sesselja María

Your primitive instinct will cut in when you are extremely hungry. It will cause you to overeat. Try not to skip your meals and it would be a good idea to learn how to eat healthy. Try some low calorie snacks between those meals.


Eat Alone

Eat Alone Photo Credit: [Christine]

Scientists have concluded that individuals who eat socially have a tendency to eat more. Therefore, it would only make sense to eat alone. This way, you will be aware of how much you are actually eating.


When the Flavor is Gone, Stop Eating

When the Flavor is Gone, Stop Eating Photo Credit: musicpb

You will be amazed how after a couple of bites you won’t be able to taste the ice cream. Your taste buds are going to be numb, but the stomach will be on autopilot. When you stop eating, the stomach’s desire is going to go numb.


Turn off the Television or Computer

Turn off the Television or Computer Photo Credit: William Hook

Eating in front of the computer or television will cause you to eat more than you actually need, without even realizing it, so my advice to you would be to turn off that television or computer. I never eat in front of them.

You see, if you are looking to lose weight, then it is important to cut back on the amount of food you consume. You should also cut back on the soda and beer that you drink. Do you need some encouragement to eat less?

Top Photo Credit: Thai Jasmine (Catching up...)

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I just lost 45 pounds and am now a huge advocate for fitness and eating right, and i LOVED the tips! great tips, great to see them, so girls will know there are better ways to lose weight! I especially loved number 2. I go by it, and it's awesome. That's what they make mini cupcakes for! haha

Indeed a helkpful post but i cant slow down during eating as i am always in a hurry for the next thing.

im 14 now,but when i was 12 i starved myself and then lost a lot of weight,now im constantly hungry,what can i do?

i really do say that these tips are a help because when people say they are going on a diet it sounds to most people that you just eat salads but whit these tips are easy ways that you can have what u like but in less proportions... i am 12 and 110 pounds my mom keeps on telling me to stop eating to much between meals and she has me on a diet because she nows watts going to happen at this rate... THESE ARE REALY GOOD TIPS ON EASY WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT...

Haha, at one point this says "feel you up" not "fill you up". What an odd thing for a soup to do!

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