10 Diet Tips That Really Work ...


10 Diet Tips That Really Work ...
10 Diet Tips That Really Work ...

Have you ever felt utterly confused by diet advice? When your mum is telling you to drink lots and your friend is warning you of water retention, or your mate recommends a supplement and another says it didn’t work at all... what do you do? There is so much advice... what’s right, and what should just be ignored? I decided to quiz health professionals, friends and family and find the ten diet tips that really work, so you don’t need to look anymore. And here they are...

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Old Photo

Stick an old photo of yourself at a larger size, or a Photoshopped version if you don’t have one, on to the fridge, cupboard and biscuit tin. This will make you think twice about mindless snacking! Put one on your office desk as well so you stick tohealthy snacking at work.


Eating out

Just because you're on a weight loss journey, don’t feel that you can’t eat out at all, simply ask if the dish can be made using minimal, or no, butter and oil. The restaurant really won’t mind, they cook it fresh anyway, and will save on ingredients. It's a win-win!



Pedometer Photo Credit: Matti Mattila

Keep track of your walking, and motivate yourself to walk more, by using a pedometer. They are small enough to hide in your outfit and make unnoticeable, perfect ways to monitor your exercise. Trust me, this really works!


Mind Tricks

Try putting your meals in a small bowl rather than on a big plate. It’ll trick your mind into thinking less is more, and make you less likely to have seconds, oreat too much without thinking.


Fast Food

Choose a reward you can have each day to keep you on track, such as a cookie. Then, if you havefast food, simply swap your reward for it. While it might not be a straight calorie swap, mentally it’ll put you in the right mind set to diet!



Milk can be very filling, and is the perfect drink! Just make sure you are drinking skimmed, or at least semi-skimmed, and count the calories in your diet if that is your chosen diet type. Then try having a glass when you feel hungry, and waiting half an hour to see if the craving passes.


Food Schedule

Make a diary of your meals in advance, and buy all the ingredients. Do any preparation you can, and you’ll be much more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan and not slack due to being busy or tired. This really works for me!



Reward yourself when you reach each milestone, and a big reward when you hit your target weight. Try to stay away from food rewards, and instead have something you will see and use often, as it will keep you motivated! My personal favorite, going on a shopping spree!



Alcohol Photo Credit: *Peanut (Lauren)

On nights out, ask for slimline vodka and fruit drinks rather than calorie heavy cocktails. It’s easy for these drinks to add up, and you probably won’t remember how many calories you consumed, so by using lighter choices and getting less drunk, you’ll be much healthier. You’ll also be less likely to give in to a late night kebab! Just two of the many reasons why you should consider cutting down your alcohol now!


Fruit Box

Try carrying a fruit box around in your handbag, to stop you snacking on chocolate or fast food, which are easy to find if you are out and about and get peckish. Fruit has much more health benefits and muchless calories, so you’ll be doing a really good thing! I’ve found that a few grapes is usually enough, and I feel much healthier too!

I’ve been testing these tips with a few of my friends, and they really work! They are simple enough to use without having to make big changes to your lifestyle, and they all really work. I’m now finding weight loss much easier, and my friends are hitting their targets quicker too! Have you got aweight loss tip? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: AudreSmith

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