7 Ways to Motivate Yourself at the Gym ...


7 Ways to Motivate Yourself at the Gym ...
7 Ways to Motivate Yourself at the Gym ...

I actually really love going to the gym, and I look forward to it each day… well, most of the time! There are some days when I need a little extra motivation once I’m there. Here are 7 ways to motivate yourself at the gym, and I’ve tried them all!

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Get a Workout Buddy

Get a Workout Buddy Photo Credit: Method Fitness

There are two women at my gym I see there every single weekday morning, and I’ve overheard them encouraging each other and gossiping a little. What ideal motivation! If you’re at the gym with a workout buddy, you’re a lot less likely to skip out early, or to skimp on a set.


Get Your Groove on

Get Your Groove on Photo Credit: JennKstep

This is my all-time favorite way to get motivated at the gym! Music! I load my iPod with my favorite music, and it always inspires me to give a little extra. My favorites right now are “Intro” by The XX and “Symphonies” by Dan Black and “Pumpkin Soup” by Kate Nash.


Feel Free to Covet

Feel Free to Covet Photo Credit: alborath

There’s a woman ay my gym with a body I would die for. She’s lean, muscular, and yet curvy and feminine. When she’s at the gym, I use her for a little inspiration and motivation… and I sometimes add some of what she’s doing to my routine…


Focus on the Good

Focus on the Good Photo Credit: AXEHD

While my butt may be a little bigger than I’d like, I have great legs and knock-out abs. When I’m feeling a little less-than-motivated, rather than focusing on my “problem” areas, which just makes me feel bad, I focus on the parts I’m the most proud of… and it works every time!


Set a Specific Goal

Set a Specific Goal Photo Credit: Method Fitness

If you’re truly dragging at the gym, rather than overwhelm yourself by vowing to complete your entire workout, set a more reasonable, more specific goal, like finishing your legs routine or just getting through the 20 minutes on the elliptical.


Make Some Noise

Make Some Noise Photo Credit: Steve Pepple

My gym actually has a sign that forbids “profanity and grunting.” I can’t help it sometimes, though, especially if I’m exhausted or if I’m listening to my iPod — a few little grunts come out anyway. Try making a little noise, like counting out loud or maybe singing along with that song. It works!


Hire a Trainer

Hire a Trainer Photo Credit: WWW.PLANETSUPLEMEN.COM

If all else fails, and you’re feeling ho-hum about the gym altogether, the best motivator of all is a professional one — a personal trainer. He or she will make sure you stay on track and will find just exactly how to keep you motivated.

Follow these tips for getting motivated at the gym, and you’re sure to finish at least most of your workout! Feel free to treat yourself to a low-cal smoothie after as a reward, too… do you have another tip for staying motivated at the gym? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: vapvarun

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