7 Fitness Myths That Really Are True


7 Fitness Myths That Really Are True
7 Fitness Myths That Really Are True

I’m forever getting confused by myths. There are some that everybody knows aren’t true, and some that you’d guess would be right, but there are hundreds in the middle, too. And finding out if they are right or not isn’t easy...searching online can bring up thousands of conflicting results, and asking people will just get their opinion, and may not be entirely right. It’s a nightmare! I’ve been looking at fitness myths recently, however, and here are seven that really are true...

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Running is Bad for Your Knees

I’ve been really getting in to running recently, and despite being told that running can damage your knees, I was pretty convinced that this was just a marketing ploy to sell more trainers. As were most of my running club! It turns out that it really is true, though. It is all to do with your running ‘pattern’, which is the way that your body runs. If you have a faulty pattern, you could be putting extra stress on your joints, especially the knees. To counter this, go to a professional running shop, and ask them to record you running. They will be able to view your running pattern and recommend shoes which will correct it, if necessary.


You Can Target Specific Body Areas to Slim down

I didn’t just think that this was incorrect, I’m pretty sure I’ve been told at the gym, too! But new research has suggested that you can target specific areas, depending on where abouts they are. For example, a lot of women start exercising with the intent to lose their love handles. These are typically made of sugar, and so cutting sugar out of the diet and doing targeted exercise can get rid of them fast. It is much harder when you are just exercising, though, and it isn’t an exact science yet. Still, it’s progress in the right direction!


It is Impossible to Tone up ‘saggy’ Breasts

My sister was very young when she started to experience this, and after a while she managed to conquer her embarrassment enough to see a doctor, who told her that there wasn’t much they could do after it has happened. However, this is no longer true. Doing a targeted workout which strengthens the postural muscles will reduce sagging, and make your breasts appear much perkier. Which is a much better solution then considering expensive and invasive surgery!


You Can Eat What You like as Long as You Exercise

This one is always one of the first fitness facts that is picked out as a myth, but for the most part, it’s actually true! As long as you are eating a nutritional diet, and staying within your daily calorie limit, then you are free to eat what you like providing you exercise. Of course if your usual diet is full of bad fats and sugar, you might struggle to exercise and then you could pile on the pounds, but if it is nutritionally balanced you have a lot of freedom. Yes!


You Must Keep Changing Your Gym Programme for It to Remain Effective

How many times have you listened to friends moaning that their amazing gym programme that was keeping them looking great just doesn’t seem to be working anymore? Well, that’s because programmes do lose effectiveness! Your body will get used to your exercise, and it will stop having the same effectiveness, which means you won’t see amazing results. To counter this, mix it up! Have a few workouts to alternate between, and you’ll find they stay effective for much longer.


It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Keep Fit

Whether you are 16 or 96, you can never be too old to learn how to keep your body in shape and exercise effectively! I’ve been to exercise classes with a 92 year old woman who put all of us younger ones to shame, and the benefits were obvious. You’ll be fitter and stronger, and find every day life much easier! If you are worried about starting due to your age, try booking a few sessions with a personal trainer, or attending a suitable class at the gym. You’ll find the support invaluable, and it’ll be a great kick start!


You Should Not Exercise if You Have a Cold

If you are suffering with a cold, put your exercise plan on hold. Your immune system will be trying its hardest to fight it off, and vigorous exercise could tamper with this and help the infection in! Rest until you feel better, doing light stretches to keep fit. That way, you give your body the best chance to stay healthy, and don’t risk giving the cold to everyone at the gym!

Well, knowing that these are true has definitely helped me to understand my exercise regime and body better, and plan accordingly. After all, exercise is only worth doing if you are doing it right, and not causing yourself further damage! Have you heard a fitness myth you’d love to confirm or deny, or do you want me to investigate one? Please let me know!

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Regarding running: shoes, although important, can't fix your running pattern. It can be improved by stretching and/or strengthening of specific muscles. You'd be much better off visiting a physiotherapist than a shoe store.

Actually just so long as youre cold isn't affecting your lungs youre fine to exercise. If it's a head cold, aka stuffy nose, headache and sore throat youre more than well enough to go to the gym. Just remember to bring tissues and wipe down your equipment properly! Keep your exercise light and if you feel dizzy or nauseated at any time STOP! These symptoms could be signs that youre sicker than you thought and should actually be gulping chicken soup in bed!

A slight correction for the running part: Shoes, although pretty important, can rarely correct the pattern. Stretching and strengthening of specific muscles can. You will benefit much more by going to a physiotherapist than to a shoe store guy.

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