7 Benefits of Pilates ...


7 Benefits of Pilates ...
7 Benefits of Pilates ...

Pilates is a system that focuses on developing the core muscles in order to improve balance and spine support. Joseph Pilates, the man who developed the system, believed that his exercise method used the mind to control the different muscles of the body. The basic principles of Pilates are alignment, breathing, centering, concentration, control, precision, flow of movement, and flexibility. The regular practice of Pilates can bring many positive effects on your mental and physical state. Here are seven of the numerous benefits of Pilates.

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Stress Relief

Stress Relief Photo Credit: Nakic

Practicing Pilates, as with doing any kind of regular exercise, helps relieve the daily stress we experience. Deep stretching and correct breathing help improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.


Increased Awareness and Control

Increased Awareness and Control Photo Credit: Control Pilates

The mind-body workout that Pilates gives you engages the mind and enhances body awareness. Each movement of Pilates is performed with total concentration. This total concentration helps make each pose of the system more effective and beneficial.


Strong Core

Strong Core Photo Credit: jamile ...

With the numerous core workouts in Pilates, you will develop a strong core. Your core does not only include the abdomen, but also the back, and pelvic floor. Aside from core strength, you will also be closer to those desired toned and flat abs.


Strong and Long Muscles

Strong and Long Muscles Photo Credit: grafix chik

Pilates gives you strong muscles with the help of eccentric contractions. During this kind of muscular contraction, the muscles lengthen while they are put under tension. Pilates utilizes this contraction to execute smooth and controlled movements. The tension helps develop and strengthen the muscles without adding bulk.


Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility Photo Credit: Brad Garner Photo

The different Pilates workouts help build your flexibility and your range of motion. The flexibility goals of Pilates are realistic. The workouts aim to make you flexible enough to move comfortably and freely throughout your daily life.


Improved Posture

Improved Posture Photo Credit: {peace&love♥}

Your increased body awareness helps improve your posture. You pay more attention to the way you move your body and thus, purging practices that have caused you aches and pains.


Weight Loss and Lean Appearance

Weight Loss and Lean Appearance Photo Credit: TXAlleKat
Pilates is like any workout program: it promotes weight loss and good health. You will achieve a strong and fit body without having bulky muscles.

You can enjoy these benefits and more with the regular practice of Pilates. Remember that this system is more than just your average core workout. Pilates is the coming together of mind, body, and spirit to make you a better and healthier individual.

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