7 Reasons to Practice Good Hygiene ...


7 Reasons to Practice Good Hygiene ...
7 Reasons to Practice Good Hygiene ...

Okay, so the other day, in public, there was this woman who smelled horrible. It’s harsh to have to smell someone who has not taken a bath in what smells like months. I never understood why people are like this - it just doesn’t make sense. Do you not realize how bad you smell? Do you no feel horrible when you have bad hygiene? Right now, I am going to give you 7 reasons to practice good hygiene …

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Disease Prevention

You should learn how to wash your hands regularly in order to prevent the spread of disease. Wash your hands before you handle food, wash your hands before you leave the restroom and wash them after you handle food – this will help with disease prevention.


You Will Have a Nice Smile

If you do not practice good dental hygiene, then you are not going to have a nice smile. If you want to have a nice smile, then you need to practice good dental hygiene. Plus, this could stop you from the aches and pains of a cavity.


The Smell

Come on, if you do not practice good hygiene, then you are not going to smell so sweet. By practicing good hygiene, you will smell much more pleasurable. I know many of you agree with me on this one.


Avoid Bullying

I think this is a perfectly good reason to practice good hygiene. If you want to avoid being bullied as much as possible, then practice good hygiene. Take a bath/shower every day, wash your hair and put on deodorant. Don’t forget to change your clothes as well.



Shampooing helps get rid of dandruff that is caused by dead skin cells. It will also help to keep your hair shiny and healthy.


Sex Appeal

Having good personal hygiene is sexy – at least, I always thought so and I am sure many of you will agree with me on this one. No one wants to look at someone who doesn’t have good hygiene in a sexual way – at least, not me. Poor hygiene is never a good thing, because it can cause many problems.


You Will Feel Comfortable

Most of all, you will feel comfortable and more productive. When you feel good and know that you look/smell good and are clean, you will have higher self confidence in yourself. I don’t know about you, but while I do not mind getting dirty and working hard, I also love being clean. When I am clean, I feel good. If I sit down on the computer and try to work, after I have came from outside building something or working in the garden, I won’t be able to focus as well. The same goes for if I am not shaved (everywhere), I just can’t focus.

There you have 7 reasons to practice good hygiene. Oh and don’t try to cover the smell up with lots of perfume/cologne, that’s bad too. It’s sad, but today, some people do not practice good hygiene and are constantly taking shortcuts. You should try to spend some time on yourself and be more presentable not only to others, but to/for yourself as well. Do you have someone in your life who does not practice good personal hygiene?

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all of the mentioned above

i practice excellent hygiene, i take 2 showers a day... im still bullied everyday for people saying I take one shower a week and how bad i smell... I don't really understand it cause i think i smell good

this is a good resreach for teens who need good hugiene &home etic

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