8 Green Tea Benefits Everyone Should Know ...


8 Green Tea Benefits Everyone Should Know ...
8 Green Tea Benefits Everyone Should Know ...

Green tea benefits are something that I know a great deal about and this incredible tea can actually help you with everything from cancer all the way to boosting your immune system! I am the type of person that would rather use herbs and natural remedies versus having to take a ton of pills, that is what brought me to learning more about the green tea benefits. Green tea actually has a ton of** different antioxidants** inside of it so when you drink it, you will be able to take advantage of all of the different green tea benefits that we are going to talk about below!

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Lowers Risk of Cancer

There has been a load of different studies on green tea and cancer and it has been proven that the EGCG in green tea regulates and actually inhibits cancer growth by killing off the cells that grow the cancer. Just drinking two cups of this incredible green stuff a day and you will be lowering your chance of getting lung cancer by 18%. It's one easy step to help lower your risk for cancer, why not take advantage of it?


Can Ease Pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you have had rheumatoid arthritis for years and have dealt with the pain, green tea can actually help ease that pain. Again, the ECEG protects all of the cartilage destruction and reduces all of the swelling and pain that is caused by this terrible disorder. This is actually one of the green tea benefits that doctors have taken notice of and have recommended green tea as a legitimate remedy for treating arthritis.


Stablilzes Cholesterol Levels

Do you have high cholesterol and you just can't seem to get it down or stabilize it? Well, one of the green tea benefits is that it can help reduce your cholesterol levels! Green tea prevents your body from converting the LDL (bad) cholesterol into the oxidized form. Green tea helps ensure that your arteries are all clean and it lowers your chances of heart attack and stroke.


Boosts Immune System

Are you constantly getting sick or just overall not feeling well? This incredible tea can help boost your immune system so that during cold season, you don't get sick all that often! Green tea has been known to boost the activity of the gamma delta T cells, which in turn keeps you healthy.


Helps You Lose Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight and drop those pesky pounds that seem to stick around. Green tea can help you do that! Just drinking two cups a day can increase your metabolism. You have probably seen all of those different green tea weight loss pills on the market and while I am not sure about the risks associated with those, I know that drinking natural green tea can help you lose some of those pounds that you have been having problems with!


Reduces Tooth Decay

Do you have a lot of problems with your teeth and you fear that they are going to decay? Well, one of the many green tea benefits is that it helps prevent tooth decay! It actually assists with killing the bacteria that causes plaque on your teeth and if you drink a cup of green tea a day, you will lower your risk of gum disease.


Fights Allergies

Have you found that you have a ton of different allergies when the changing of the seasons come around? Well, if you start drinking green tea, you won't notice all of those different allergies quite as much. Not only does this awesome tea help prevent you from sneezing, coughing and having watery eyes, but it blocks the production of histamine and immunoglobulin E. Both of these have been proven to trigger and sustain allergic reactions.


Reduces and Prevents Acne

As a teenager, I always had a problem with some acne – very small but it was still there. Now, as an adult I only get acne a few times a month but one thing I didn't know is that green tea can help block acne from forming! Basically, the green tea antibacterial properties attack and kill the acne before it even starts. If you do happen to get a zit though, the tea will help reduce the swelling and redness. How great is that?

Honestly ladies, with all of these incredible green tea benefits, why wouldn't you start drinking this awesome tea? One important note when you do start taking advantage of the green tea benefits is that don't weigh your green tea down with sugar. Drink it with very little sugar so that you can get the full effects of the green tea benefits! What are some of the other natural remedies that you ladies use? I'm always on the hunt for more!

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This past year, I discovered green tea and all its awesome glory. Although I just drink the tea without anything in it... It still tastes good!

talking about rheumatoid arthritis, i have that, and green tea really helps. if some of you, who, too suffer from this, sulfasalazinum does magic :)

I use lemon juice in mine to make sure it is completely healthy, I also think it taste better than sugar! Drinking a cup of warm green tea with lemon juice first thing in the morning is a great way to reduce acne.

I found that it really made my skin glow, it was radiant. I try to drink it instead of coffee now when I want something warm.

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