9 Benefits of Listening to Music ...


9 Benefits of Listening to Music ...
9 Benefits of Listening to Music ...

I think I would actually go crazy if I couldn’t listen to music. I surround myself with music all day long and as much as possible even when I’m not at home. I’ve listed 9 benefits of listening to music in the post below. Take a look at them and see if you have some additional benefits that you can think of. I’m all for some peace and quiet from time to time, but I’d much rather be listening to music!

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Lowers Heart Rate

Classical music is very calming for most people. Being able to lower a person’s heart rate with the use of music is much better than relying on medication for the same thing. A lower heart rate usually coincides with a calmer disposition. The human body isn’t made to withstand a constant heart rate that is excessively rapid; it puts too much stress on the body.


Reduces Pain

Endorphins are released while listening to music you enjoy, thus taking your mind off of any pain you might be feeling. Wouldn’t it be great if doctors could prescribe certain types of music that would alleviate pain as well as expensive and sometimes addictive pain medication?


Promotes Sleep

My husband cannot get to sleep without listening to music. We have the computer set to a station that plays soothing music all night long. I used to have a difficult time going to sleep with music playing in the background, but I think it was because of the type of music I was trying to sleep to. I found that listening to music that doesn’t contain any words or specific drum beats puts me right to sleep.


Helps People Become More Social

Can you imagine having a party and not playing any music? These two things seem to go hand-in-hand. People hear a song they like and it tends to loosen them up a bit, thus making them feel relaxed enough to be a bit more social than they normally would be.


Makes People More Optimistic

Of course, this depends on the type of music being played. I’ve been listening to a song that made me suddenly burst into tears for no reason at all. There are just as many tunes that are able to evoke sadness in me as there are that make me unbelievably happy. I try to stick solely to the songs that make me happy and cause me to have an optimistic outlook on life.


Increases Performance during Exercising

I find it much easier to exercise when listening to an upbeat soundtrack that I’ve created. Exercising without music seems to make the time pass much more slowly. Don’t you feel more like exercising when you are listening to an energetic song? I do.


Lowers Blood Pressure

This sort of falls in with the fact that certain songs slow a person’s heart rate and help relaxation set in. A lower heart rate and being relaxed both help lower blood pressure. Studies show that listening to at least 30 minutes of relaxing music a day lowers a person’s blood pressure level by a significant amount.


Certain Types of Music Stimulate the Brain

Supposedly classical music stimulates the brain more than any other type of music. Listening to classical music while studying for an exam or even while taking an exam is supposed to help students do better than they would if they weren’t listening to music. For the most part, this tactic works well for many individuals.


It Helps You Relax

Depending on what your music preference is, listening to some favorite songs after a long hard day is supposed to help you relax. I know I am able to slow down and catch my breath better when I’m able to listen to my favorite artist.

I hope you are able to find at least some of these 9 benefits of listening to music whenever you put on some tunes at the end of the day or if you are going to study for a big exam. I may not have a television, but I do have a great stereo system, just so I can have my tunes all day long! What benefits do you feel you get from listening to music?

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Life wont exist without music for me

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