8 Really Weird DietsWorkouts That Really Work


8 Really Weird DietsWorkouts That Really Work
8 Really Weird DietsWorkouts That Really Work

Have you ever wished that there was an exercise that you love? I’ve tried them all...I don’t mind running, and I’m okay at tennis, but I’m dreadful at yoga...and there isn’t one that I’d just love to do all the time! There are some slightly weirder workouts that will make you look amazing, though, and here are my eight favourites...

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Hula Exercise

Hula Exercise Photo Credit: !freeman

Hulaerobics is a new idea which combines cardio with aerobics, meaning you only need to do one work out to start to see results. There are even dancing steps incorporated...it’s a great way to keep fit! The average calorie burn is 100 calories every ten minutes...wow!


Switch to a Spelt Diet

Switch to a Spelt Diet Photo Credit: Claudio.Ar (not too much online)

Spelt is a new type of bread, which replaces 20% of the carbohydrate content with protein. Meaning it’s much easier to digest! Join a ‘Spelt’ Team and benefit from partners to run with, aerobic classes and swapping Spelt recipes. There is loads of moral support, too.


Up Your Fat Intake

Up Your Fat Intake Photo Credit: sunny-drunk

Yep, I did just say eat fat. But, not in the way you will be thinking. Omega 3 and 6 were proven in the 90’s to aid digestion and help your body to function better and reduce cravings, so adding a lot of it to your diet ensures you’ll burn fat more efficiently and lose weight faster. It’ll also boost your mood and concentration!


Think Thin

Think Thin Photo Credit: ario_

Have you seen the new hypno-workout? Called ‘Hello Gorgeous’, and it teaches you that you don’t need to be thinner or prettier, you are great as you are. But, amazingly, it also motivates you into working hard and getting yourself the best you can be, while getting rid of those niggling negative thoughts that hold you back. An amazing CD every woman should here.



Okay so shedding your clothes probably isn’t top of your to-do list if you want to lose weight, but buying some massage oil containing eucalyptus and green tea and learning to massage yourself will help you to shed pounds, look skinnier and avoid cellulite! It isn’t difficult, either. Pummel your hands around your waist, and up towards your heart, and then vigorously massage. Fantastic!


Swiss Balls

Swiss Balls Photo Credit: lightsight

Trying to keep yourself sat upright on a swiss ball is a great way to tone up, and lose pounds from around the waist. Replace your office chair with a swiss ball, and while it takes some getting used too, you’ll soon be keeping yourself upright and slimming your stomach without realizing!


Discuss Hunger

Discuss Hunger Photo Credit: Miniature Food by Paris Miniatures

Next time you feel hungry, go for a run instead. The time after, do a fifteen minute dance session. After that, try some sit ups, or a jog around the house, or doing an aerobics programme. You’ll teach yourself to distinguish between hunger and cravings, and switch cravings which will usually make you consume calories, into working out.


Explore Your Neighbourhood

Explore Your Neighbourhood Photo Credit: Dollar Bin

Buy a street map of your local area, and explore it in a month. Go on runs, hikes, bicycle rides...any active way of getting up every street, around every corner and seeing every view. It’s quite a challenge, but it’s a great way to explore where you live and get fit at the same time. Most areas have a group doing the same thing, so you can make friends, too!

I love these weird workouts and diets! Not only are they unique ideas, but none of them are as scary as some of the other possibilities...nude gym, anyone?! I thought not! Have you heard of a wacky workout, or bizarre diet? Please tell me about it!

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Hi, can you tell me more about "hello gorgeous" cd.. where can i get it?

Just bought a swiss ball, can't wait to start the exercices !!

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