7 Great Bosu Ball Exercises ...


7 Great Bosu Ball Exercises ...
7 Great Bosu Ball Exercises ...

If you’ve never seen or used one, a Bosu ball is the same as an exercise ball, only flat on one side… they’re amazing to use in your work-out, because they make you use your balance and stabilizing muscles, which don’t normally get much use. But they look intimidating… if you’d like to try one, but don’t know which exercises to start with, I can help! My personal trainer has taught me a lot of exercises, and here they are, 7 great Bosu ball exercises…

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Bosu Ball Planks

Set the Bosu ball flat on the floor, and line yourself up so your elbows are together on the middle of the ball… then stretch yourself out, straight as you can, on your tip toes, like, well, a plank. Keep your body in a straight line, and balance for as long as you can, aiming for about a minute and a half. Whew!


Bosu Ball Reverse Planks

Set the ball flat on the ground, and lay back on it so your shoulders are resting on the ball for support. Keeping your back flat on the ground, bend your right knee, keeping your right foot flat on the ground. Raise your left leg straight in the air, keeping it as straight as you can, raising your hips off the ground. Return to the flat position. Repeat 12 times for each leg, three sets.


Bosu Ball & Kettle Ball Crunches

Set the Bosu ball flat on the ground in front of a chair or couch or steady bench. Sit with your bottom on the Bosu ball, your knees bent, and your feet on the flat of the chair or bench. Lie back, raising a 6 to 10 pound kettle ball above your head, sit up, and place the kettle ball to your knees. Lie back, and repeat 12 times, for three sets.


Bosu Ball Squats

This one is really going to test your balance, and firm your bootie! Sit on a couch or steady bench with the Bosu ball on the ground flat in front of you. Grab a long pole, like a tension rod, and hold it straight up and down on the ground in front of the Bosu ball. Stand up o the ball, using the pole for balance, the sit back down. Whoa! Be careful!


Bosu Ball Cross Push-Ups

I love this exercise, but it’s very challenging… assume a push-up position with your right hand on the Bosu ball, your left on the ground. Dip down, then when you come back up, switch so your left hand is on the ball, and your right hand is flat on the ground. By the time you get to 12, you’ll be exhausted, but keep going… do three sets with about 30 seconds in between.


Bosu Ball Scissor Kicks

Lie flat on your back with the Bosu ball behind your shoulders for support. Lift both legs about ten inches off the floor, and make small, shallow kicks for 30 to 60 seconds, then lie flat again. Repeat five times. Yow!


Bosu Ball Back Extensions

Lie face down with your hips and lower abdomen on the Bosu ball, then raise slowly up so your body is straight, gently using your back muscles. Stay up for five to eight seconds, then lie flat again. Repeat up to ten times, and work up until you can do three sets of 12.

I’m sure there are many more Bosu ball exercises you can do, some even using the flat side up! When you buy a Bosu ball, it will come with a great work-out DVD you can try. Or ask a trainer at your gym! I love the Bosu ball and kettle ball crunches… I owe my great abs to that exercise! Do you use a Bosu ball when you work out? Do you have any other exercises you can share?

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