7 Alternatives to Water at the Gym ...


7 Alternatives to Water at the Gym ...
7 Alternatives to Water at the Gym ...

We all know we’re supposed to keep hydrated while we’re working out or exercising, but do we always have to drink boring, tasteless, humble water? No, we don’t! There are lots of alternative to water at the gym, and here’s my list of the top 7 other things you can drink!

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Gatorade This is the original, designed in 1965 by an assistant coach and a team of researchers at the University of Florida to help keep his football team hydrated. There are so many flavors available, there’s sure to be one you’ll love!


Crystal Light Pure Fitness

Crystal Light Pure Fitness Crystal Light isn’t quite as convenient as Gatorade, or even water, because it’s just the mix. It’s not terribly difficult to use, though, if you know this trick — take a few sips of the water BEFORE you add the Crystal Light, or there won’t be enough room for you to shake it up! I love the new Pure Fitness line, too, designed for women when they’re working out. Choose your favorite of three refreshing flavors — lemon lime, grape, or strawberry kiwi.


Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water Vitamin Water is another great alternative to water when you’re at the gym because it’s got so many vitamins and minerals in it, perfect for replacing the ones you’re using during your work-out. For more information, check them out on Facebook here: facebook.com


Sobe LifeWater

Sobe LifeWater I’ve been a fan of Sobe since I tried their bright orange-colored Carrot Apple drink, and now I drink their LifeWater while I’m working out. I love the flavors, all 14 of them, and did you know they’re all 0 calorie?



Powerade Powerade is a lot like Gatorade, with the same electrolyte balance and hydration formula. There are lots of delicious flavors, but I find Powerade to be just a little too sweet. If you prefer sweet, though, then this is the work out drink for you!


Propel Fitness Water

Propel Fitness Water Propel is a flavored water, far lighter and more subtle than all of the other sports drinks. But it has the same electrolyte-rich formula to keep you hydrated and healthy during your work out! There are 7 different flavors, and it comes in a bottle or in a dry mix packet, too!


Anything but Soda!

Anything but Soda! You might be tempted to try a soda or carbonated beverage while working out, but that’s a bad idea! The carbonation will make you gassy, and it will almost certainly give you an upset stomach! So choose something else from the list, and skip the soda until after your work out!

With so many delicious, refreshing alternatives to water, there’s bound to be something on this list to help keep you hydrated during your work out, and after! Which of these sports drinks do you like best, and why? Please let me know!

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Never tried them

I must be weird - I love water! Though it does make a change to try something different from time to time.

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