8 Best Workouts for Women in Their 20's ...

Ah, I remember my twenties… I was fit without trying, and never got tired or sore. If you’re in your twenties now, you’re probably the same, and you’re so lucky! But you ought to start forming your workout habits now, so it’ll be easier to keep going as you get a little older. If you’re wondering what the best workouts are for someone your age, keep reading! Here’s my list of 8 great workouts for women in their 20’s.

1. Zumba

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This combines hot dance moves, fantastic music, and heart-thumping aerobics all in one 45-minute class! It’s fun, and exhausting, but you’re young enough that it won’t wipe you out. Schedule a class with your best friends, and shake your bootie while getting a great workout!

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