8 Best Workouts for Women in Their 50's ...


I plan to keep working out til the day I die, which ought to be a long ways off, since I’ll be working out, right? I’m close to 40 now, and to be honest, I’ve never had more energy or been more fit… or happier with my body. When I’m 50, though, my body will be different, and my fitness goals and needs will be different. If you’re already in your 50’s, and are intent on keeping up your routine, or just add something new, here’s my list of 8 workouts for women in their 50’s …

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Swimming Photo Credit: Suzanna Kaye

Now that you’re past 50, you ought to be thinking of how to do 20 to 30 minutes of good, steady cardio exercise four or five days a week. Swimming is a great way to get that cardio workout, without stressing your joints. Join a local swim club, or just use the pool at the community center, and swim laps or take a water aerobics class with a friend. And just look how gorgeous you are in that sleek black one-piece! Woo!


Tai Chi

Tai Chi Photo Credit: sythx2010

Tai Chi is a fantastic way to keep fit and flexible, without putting undue stress on your joints or muscles. It’s fluid, graceful, and has even been proven to keep your mind sharp! I plan to do tai chi forever…!


Weight Training

Weight Training Photo Credit: Steve Pepple

If you’re worried that adding three days of weight training to your workout will give you big, bulging, unsexy muscles, don’t be. Weight training in your 50’s is just about toning and trimming and strength, not about adding bulk. Use low weight, with easy-to-grip dumbbells, and be sure to work your arms, abs, and legs… a personal trainer, gym staff member, or even good workout DVD can tell you which exercises to do, and how often.

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Yoga Photo Credit: Loolyn

Yoga is all about flexibility, and it’s a wonderful way to de-stress and unwind, especially with the busy family and work life of women in their 50’s. Why not take a class two nights a week, or buy a video and try it at home? It really is a great workout, too! Start slow and work your way into it, though, so you don’t injure yourself… what fun would that be?


Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Using an exercise bike at home or at the gym is a great way to get an excellent cardio workout without stressing your ankles, back, or knees. If you’re worried about balance, don’t be, or try one of the lower, recumbent bikes instead.


Treadmill Walking

Treadmill Walking Photo Credit: AndreJenny.com

You don’t have to run or jog to get a good cardio workout on a treadmill — all you have to do is walk fast enough to get a little out of breath, and break a little sweat. Load an iPod with some good music, and walk quickly for about half an hour, five days a week.

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Core Workout

Core Workout Photo Credit: gspss

You want to keep your core muscles strong and flexible because a strong core will prevent and treat back pain. Did you know that doctors think upwards of 90% of Americans’ back pain is caused by weight gain and lack of core exercise as we age? Prevent that by working your core, with the help of a personal trainer (at least at first)…



Golf Photo Credit: twg1942

What is golf, but a long walk on a beautiful course with three of your closest friends? Unless you drive the cart between all of your shots, you’ll be getting a good workout, too! And who doesn’t look attractive in capris, a cute visor, and a golf shirt?

Those are just a few of my ideas for great ways to get a workout if you’re a woman in your 50’s. The key is staying active, without risking hurting your joints! If you’re not sure how to do an exercise, or want to add something new to your workout regimen, consult a pro! It’s worth every penny, trust me! If you’re in your 50’s, how do you stay fit? Please let me know!

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