7 Must Have Exercises That Are Good for the Heart ...

Keeping your heart healthy is most likely going to help you live a much longer life. Heart disease has become too common. Eating a healthy diet and adding in at least a few of the 7 must have exercises that are good for the heart that I’ve mentioned below can’t hurt. Make sure to talk to your doctor before deciding to jump right in with any of the exercises below, especially if you are currently dealing with any heart issues.

7. Dancing

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I’ve always enjoyed dancing, but sometimes it helps to have friends to go dancing with. It seems like it’s much easier to head out with a group of close lady friends than it is to try and go dancing on my own. If you are dancing to help your heart, then try to go for the vigorous dancing, not slow waltzes. The faster your heart gets pumping, the more beneficial the dancing tends to be.

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