7 Must Have Exercises That Are Good for the Heart ...

By Aprille

Keeping your heart healthy is most likely going to help you live a much longer life. Heart disease has become too common. Eating a healthy diet and adding in at least a few of the 7 must have exercises that are good for the heart that I’ve mentioned below can’t hurt. Make sure to talk to your doctor before deciding to jump right in with any of the exercises below, especially if you are currently dealing with any heart issues.

7 Dancing

I’ve always enjoyed dancing, but sometimes it helps to have friends to go dancing with. It seems like it’s much easier to head out with a group of close lady friends than it is to try and go dancing on my own. If you are dancing to help your heart, then try to go for the vigorous dancing, not slow waltzes. The faster your heart gets pumping, the more beneficial the dancing tends to be.

6 Jumping Rope

This is an exercise that takes some time to work up to. Little kids can get the hang of jumping rope relatively quickly, but I’ve found it difficult to pick up a rope and start jumping the way I did when I was little. Talk about getting winded quickly! Shew. Start off slow and gradually add in some tricks to make this exercise less mundane.

5 Aerobics

Most local fitness clubs offer classes in aerobics. There are different degrees of aerobic exercises. Usually a program will start off with light exercises and then work up to the more vigorous ones later. It’s best to have at least some sort of instruction with aerobics and also to stretch thoroughly beforehand. If knee problems make you cringe at the idea of taking an aerobic class, then maybe you could opt for water aerobics instead. There is a lot less impact involved with water aerobics and you can still get that heart pumping.

4 Cycling

I think it’s fantastic that there are such things as stationary bikes. Not everyone lives in a prime location for cycling. I am located in an area with gravely roads, winding side roads without guard rails, and tons of tourists who don’t know how to safely drive on our curvy streets. I wouldn’t ride a bicycle on these roads for any amount of money. If you don’t feel like dishing out a bunch of money for a stationary bike, there are kits that can turn your standard bicycle into a stationary one. These can average between 30 to 50 dollars for a basic one. They bolt to the back tire to raise if up off the floor and provide some resistance when pedaling.

3 Swimming

I highly recommend swimming for people who find most exercises to be painful, due to the impact factor. Using a kickboard can get you moving fast enough to get the ol’ heart pumping, while strengthening leg muscles. The basic breaststroke strengthens the upper body and also keeps the heart working full time. The harsh chemicals found in most pools are about the only things I hear people complain about when they talk about exercising in a pool. If you are sensitive to chlorine, then it is a good idea to invest in a great pair of goggles.

2 Jogging

I find it easier to jog than to flat out run, plus I still get my heart pumping fast enough to do it some good. I wish there was an indoor track nearby so I could still get some jogging in when it’s raining outside. If you’re able to invest a good chunk of money on a treadmill, then you can jog in the comfort of your own home and not have to worry about the weather or the neighbor’s dog.

1 Walking

This is an exercise that most people can partake in. A fast-paced walk will get your heart rate up a bit, but be sure you are wearing quality walking shoes. Even walking requires good arch support and lots of cushion in the areas where impact is greatest. Most malls open up an hour earlier than the stores inside the mall. Walking in a mall gives you plenty of room, a nice surface for walking, and you can look in the shop windows to pass the time. It’s also more fun to take someone along with you.

Even if you are only able to add light walking to your daily routine, this is better than nothing at all. My mom lives in a neighborhood with very few facilities and dangerous roads, so she invested in a Wii. There are some great games that come with the Wii that incorporate lots of movement to get the heart pumping. If you live in a busy city, then you might think about getting a game system such as this or even some exercise videos. What types of exercises do you do for your heart? What made you start exercising in the first place?

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