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Yoga has been around for ages. Throughout the years, many variations of the major styles have emerged. There are many differences in the various styles, usually about where the emphasis of the practice lies – it may be in pranayama (breath control), asana (postures), meditation, chanting, alignment, or flow of asana. Here is a guide to 10 yoga styles that you should consider trying.

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Ananda Photo Credit: Ananda Yoga Studio

Ananda yoga is a relaxing and meditative style. Asana and breath control are used to awaken the mind and body, preparing the person for deep meditation. This yoga style provides you with a physical and spiritual experience.



Anusara Photo Credit: theguruspyros

The word anusara means “following your heart”. This yoga style respects the individual abilities and limitations of the student. Anusara yoga brings together the heart, principles of alignment, and balanced energetic action to perform different postures.



Ashtanga Photo Credit: Bruno Kielblock

Ashtanga yoga focuses on power, strength, and fluidity of motion. Poses are performed with no gaps in between. It is physically challenging and will provide you with a serious workout. Power Yoga is based on this style.



Bikram yoga is a style that will definitely provide you with a hot workout. This is because classes are held in a room with a heat level of approximately 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of approximately 40 percent. This yoga is supposed to improve oxygen circulation, loosen tight muscles, and produce detoxifying sweat.



Integral Photo Credit: spirit essence || larissa

Integral yoga is a style that gives equal value to pranayama, meditation, and asana. This style works on developing and transforming the whole Self. Integral yoga gives you a gentle and meditative practice.



Iyengar Photo Credit: poppalina

Iyengar yoga is a style that focuses on symmetry and precise alignment of the body. This precise alignment allows one to achieve maximum benefits of a pose without encountering injuries. Iyengar practice requires students to hold the poses in prolonged periods. Props are greatly utilized in this yoga style.



Kripalu Photo Credit: dandurasana

This Hatha yoga is also called yoga of consciousness and meditation in motion. This style emphasizes proper breath, alignment, and honoring the wisdom of the body. The students’ individual abilities and limitations are respected during the practice of asana. Awareness is achieved by listening to the spirit’s and body’s reactions to different postures.



The Kundalini energy is the unlimited life-force that resides in the Chakras. This dormant energy can be awakened during the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini is a powerful style that focuses less on asana and more on chanting, breathing practices, and yoga exercises. There should be a teacher to guide students during practice.



Sivananda Photo Credit: sivananda meenakshi ashram

Each session of this gentle yoga style incorporates sun salutation poses, chanting, meditation, and deep relaxation. Students under this style are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles which include a vegetarian diet and a positive mind.



Tantra Photo Credit: birzer

Tantra Yoga is a mystical and spiritual style. It makes use of the kundalini energy to achieve increased inner awareness. This leads to greater joy and a sense of wholeness in everyday life; spiritual evolution can also be achieved. In Tantra, the kundalini energy can also be used for deeper sexual pleasure. Chanting, asana, breathing practices, and visualization are employed during practice.

You should not put great importance on the differences of the various yoga styles. You just need to find the style that suits your needs and lifestyle; finding a student-teacher relationship that works is also great. Remember that you can find as much fulfillment in a strong ashtanga practice as in a gentle integral practice.

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