8 Yoga Styles ...


8 Yoga Styles ...
8 Yoga Styles ...

Ever seen a yoga class and thought ‘I’d like to try that’? Make sure you find out what type it is first. There’s a yoga style for every aficionado, it seems, and new ones are still being invented. Here are some you might like to try.

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Hatha The classic form of yoga. This is my kind of exercise. Mainly involves sitting and lying down.

Photo Credit: theloushe



Ashtanga Another one of Madonna’s many fads. Ashtanga is much more demanding than Hatha, as you are constantly moving. Not my style; if I wanted to jump around I’d go to aerobics.

Photo Credit: WitChi Wotcha



Yogalosophy Whew, that takes a bit of saying. Yogalosphy (keep trying) is a combination of yoga and astrology. Why, I do not know, but apparently Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston are devotees. Wow, it must be good then.

Photo Credit: Osvaldo_Zoom



Bikram This, believe it or not, involves practicing yoga at a room temperature of 100F. I can’t say that doing yoga in a sauna appeals to me …

Photo Credit: flamboyant focus



Integral If you’ve ever had a burning desire to chant ‘Om’, take up this form. Integral was developed by the man who taught the Woodstock festival to do that very thing. Lots of meditation and breathing – plus "omming."

Photo Credit: Hare Krishna UK


Christian Yoga

Christian Yoga Uh...What!? Yes, yoga has been Christianized for those who don’t like the Hindu aspects. Is there anything they won’t take over? Slightly bizarre given that yoga is not a religious practice per se.

Photo Credit: Rooted.

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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga Is this for real? Aerial yoga uses a kind of trapeze made of soft fabric. Fortunately for those with a phobia of heights, it doesn’t require you to be far above the ground.

Photo Credit: Milky Toast


Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga Yup, you can even exercise your face the yoga way.

Photo Credit: Keiron*

Are you a yoga buff? Do you go for the lazy option, like me, or do you prefer something more dynamic?

Top Photo Credit: leo.prie.to

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