7 Exercises You Can do at Work ...


7 Exercises You Can do at Work ...
7 Exercises You Can do at Work ...

Not all women have the luxury of time. Every free moment needs to be enjoyed or utilized. You might think that being busy is an excuse to not exercise. However, even at the office desk or cubicle, you can still do simple exercises to keep your body moving and the blood flowing. These seven exercises are just some things you can do during breaks or down time.

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Wrist Stretch

This exercise is a great way to prepare your hands and wrist for a day of keyboard tapping. Start by extending your arm in front of you, palm bent upward, facing away from you. Grab your fingers and pull them back gently. Feel the stretch in your wrists and even all the way up to your arm. You can also do this with the palm bent downward, facing towards you.


Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls Photo Credit: karinlouwersephotography

Sit up, tighten your abs, and keep your back straight. Take a water bottle or a free weight in your right hand. Curl the arm towards your shoulder. Do 16 reps per arm.


Core Workout

Core Workout Photo Credit: LuLu Lopez

For a whole day ab workout, you can try sitting on a stability ball. This workout engages your upper body to keep stability, balance, and coordination. If you are not ready to sit without a back rest, you can start by doing this exercise for an hour everyday. Just store the ball after and switch to your regular chair.


Side Bends

Side Bends Photo Credit: Monica Saaty

For this exercise, you will need a water bottle or free weights. Hold the bottle or weight with both hands and raise your arms, keeping them straight. Gently bend to your left side. Return to the center and then bend to your right side. Complete 10 reps.


Leg Lifts

Leg Lifts Photo Credit: MyGymworkout.co.uk

You can do this exercise in the comfort of your chair or while standing against the wall. Raise your feet as high as you can while keeping the legs or knees straight. Put your feet back on the ground. This exercise will work the large muscles of your legs and will help with blood circulation.


Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing Photo Credit: katey kozikowski

Instead of taking the elevator, take every chance you have to use the stairs. Climbing stairs is a great form of cardio workout. Just be sure to wear proper and comfortable footwear when you perform this exercise. Stair climbing tones your legs. To give yourself a challenge, climb the stairs two steps at a time.


Walking Breaks

Walking Breaks Photo Credit: JumpinJack

Take walking breaks every half-hour to an hour. This will prevent tight and strained muscles. Walking will help with the circulation in your arms and legs.

You don’t need fancy equipment or complicated moves to workout. Although these cubicle workouts are not substitutes for traditional cardio or strength training, they will make you feel relaxed, keep your blood circulating well, and will help avoid repetitive motion injuries. Can you suggest any other quick exercises you can do at work? Please share!

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i love walking breaks n stairs climbing...window shopping for hours is fun exercise

You can do breathing exercise, neck exercise also.

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