7 Time-saving Exercise Tips ...


7 Time-saving Exercise Tips ...
7 Time-saving Exercise Tips ...

It's a hectic life for us mommies! How can we find the time to squeeze in some (much needed) exercise with little ones under our feet and that endless list of chores?

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Clean the House

Yes, you read correctly. Studies show that one hour of cleaning house in general will burn 204 calories per hour. Doing light cleaning like dusting, changing bed sheets, folding clothes or taking out garbage for an hour will burn 170 calories. Ironing for an hour will burn 156 calories! Don't worry if you have many hard wood floors - mopping for an hour will burn 238 calories, can you believe it?


Carry Your Kids

You can burn 204 calories just by carrying your baby for an hour! Talk about mixing work with pleasure!


Cook a Big Meal

That's right! Cooking for an hour will burn 170 calories! So, don't worry if you spend a couple hours in the kitchen a day - you're working off what you will be eating in a bit - a double reward for your hard work!


Exercise for 10 Minute Intervals

In truth, you burn more calories by exercising in multiple, smaller time limits than you do exercising in one lump time. So rather than dreading trying to find one hour to work out, look for times throughout the day that you can jog in place for 10 minutes, or do squats as you stir the cake mix. Sneak in some jumping jacks during TV commercials and dance in the shower. (Just don't slip and fall!) All these activities add to your daily calorie burning count!


Run for 10 Minutes

Take your kids outside and chase them for 10 minutes. That's all you have to do, and yet you get both the benefits of a small workout, and quality time with your kids!


Use the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, or at work, take advantage of the great workout opportunity. At home, go up and down your stairs as fast as you can for 10 minutes. At work, rather than using the elevator, use the stairs every time! Throw in a back-step or two along the way if you're not running late to work!


Change Your Habits

If you get up in the morning and make it a point to do crunches for 10 minutes before breakfast, then while you're fixing breakfast, you do some squats. Straighten up the house for a couple of hours, and follow with a 10-30 minute walk, play with your kids for a little while, come in and dance in the shower as you wash your hair, you've gotten in one of the best workouts one can get! And if you continue to do that, it becomes a habit, and exercising will come naturally to you

Many people see exercise as something that is definitely needed, but also something that takes "too much time". As you have just read, that doesn't have to be the case. Adding these small changes to your life will improve your health and well being, and pretty soon, you'll see a happier, much thinner "you" staring back in the mirror. How do make time for exercise?

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