8 Ways to Get Your Family on the Fitness Wagon ...


8 Ways to Get Your Family on the Fitness Wagon ...
8 Ways to Get Your Family on the Fitness Wagon ...

Obesity, diabetes, and heart problems are becoming more and more common, and the victims of these health problems are becoming younger and younger. It is more important than ever to make sure your whole family understands the importance of exercising, eating right, and staying fit – and you can help them understand by taking a look at these 8 ways to get your family on the fitness wagon.

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Cheer Each Other on

With kids especially, you need to keep this endeavor fun. You also have to make sure every member of your family knows that you are all in this together. One way to do that is by creating a family cheer. You can cheer each other on when you're exercising. Making it exciting is a great way to make it last.


Keep It Light and Silly

This one is important with younger children. If you can use props and things like that, or wear outlandish costumes while, say, you're using the Wii fit together or something like that, it will seem like a game. If it seems fun, your family will be more inclined to have fun; if they're having fun, it will be easier to keep them active!


Try Something New

It is always important to try new things, especially when you are trying to get and stay fit. You might try a new activity, like playing kickball together, or you might try a new healthy food. You might even make this a routine (see more in a minute), where you try something new every week, or even every month.


Make It a Routine

Establishing a routine always makes things easier to do. You know how putting your child to bed at a set time every night helps him or her to stay well rested? Making sure fitness is done every day, every other day, or whatever time frame you choose, is important. Your family will start to look forward to it, to expect it, and that will make it easier for them to do.


Have a Friendly Competition

You have to be careful with this one, especially if any member of your family – including you – is super competitive. This isn't a contest, but turning it into a game can be fun – as long as your family knows that really, everyone is a winner.


Incorporate Games

This is one way to encourage friendly competition. Who does the most crunches? Who can get the most baskets? There are tons of options here, and as long as you keep it friendly, you and your family will be good to go. Again, just make sure everyone knows that everyone wins because they are getting fit.


Do It for a Good Cause

Going on a run for heart health, breast cancer, Alzheimer's, or anything like that, is a great way to get fit and to give back. Rallying the troops for a charity, for a good cause, can help get everybody motivated – and sometimes you need a lot of motivation to get fit.


Always Be Encouraging

If someone in your family reaches a weight plateau, can't do X amount of crunches, or anything like that, remember to still be encouraging. It's not a setback, it's not permanent, and it's not a reflection on their commitment. Let them know they are succeeding just by trying.

It's hard to get fit yourself. Getting your family fit can be extra hard. What tips do you have? How do you keep your family active?

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