7 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...


7 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...
7 Ways to Sneak in Exercise ...

Who are we kidding? Most of us ladies lead such hectic lives that we find little time for extras like exercise. We all know we should strive to be as healthy as possible. But let's face it there are only twenty four hours in a day. Here are some ideas on how to sneak in time for exercise... because it's really important!

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Play with Your Kids

Playing with your children sounds like a feasible plan, however with the myriad of things always waiting to be done, playtime with the kids usually gets neglected. Set aside 20 minutes a day to play with the kids. They will love it and you will get some welcome exercise. Run around outside, play hop-scotch, or have a snowball fight — just keep moving!


Wake-up Sleepy Head!

Change your alarm clock to wake-up 30 minutes earlier. Devote that 30 minutes to exercise to a video, take a walk or work the treadmill. Do something active to get you moving and jump start your day... you won't miss the half-hour of sleep, and you'll feel invigorated and ready for the day!


After the Work Day

When supper is finished and the kids are in bed, spend a few minutes exercising before you shower and go to bed. Not only will you benefit from the exercise but you will sleep better as well. Yoga is great in the evenings, as one idea.


Before Daycare Ends

Walk 20 minutes before you pick the kids up from daycare. In this time you can walk a mile and improve your overall health significantly. Or, see if your gym offers daycare and take them there while you sneak in half an hour on the elliptical.


Lunch Break

Instead of gobbling a cheeseburger for lunch, eat a healthy lunch and use the rest of lunch break to take a brisk walk. Exercise stimulates a hormone that makes you feel full. Lunchtime exercise is a win-win habit; you win by getting the exercise which in turn stimulates hormones that discourage cravings.


Family Plan

Make exercise a daily family activity. Kids love to exercise; family exercise activity is a great way to start them on a healthy life style. Kids commonly view exercise as just a game when in reality exercise improves their thinking and health. If you're single, no worries... find a workout buddy instead!


Just do It!

Exercise is not going to simply happen; you have to make it happen. Take the time and make exercise a part of your every day routine. Make no excuses, let nothing stand in your way... like Nike says, just do it!

Exercise promotes improved health, increased strength and helps any weight loss effort. Make a plan and stick to it; your whole outlook on life will improve leaving you happier than before. Look at your daily routine, where can you sneak in some much needed exercise?

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If I spent less time reading these blogs I'd have more time to exercise. Any one got any times for a non-exercising blog addict?

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