12 Ways to Make Time for Exercise ...


12 Ways to Make Time for Exercise ...
12 Ways to Make Time for Exercise ...

We all know to maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and keep a happy heart, we need to exercise for twenty minutes, at least three times a week. But with work, school, homework, family, and friends, how can you find the time? You have to MAKE time, and here’s how!

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Wake up and Go

Experts recommend exercising first thing in the morning, before the day gets too hectic or before you feel tired and worn out.


Does Your Work Have a Gym?

A lot of places of employment have a gym on site, so their employees can work out while on lunch or before or after work. If they don’t have a gym, they might have a walking club. Look into it!


Find the Right Gym

Is it close to home, school, or work? Do they have hours that work with your schedule? Be sure to think of these things when choosing a gym to join.


Work out at School

If you’re in college or high school, Phys Ed may be a requirement anyway. If so, this one hour a few times a week may be all you need!


Do It before You Shower

I do quick calisthenics each morning in the seven minutes while I’m waiting for my shower water to get hot. A quick set of lunges and another set of squats, and I’ve done my legs for the day!


Do It While You Watch TV

If you can’t bear the thought of missing “Glee” or “CSI” but that’s the only time you can exercise, do both at once. Ride a stationary bike or use the elliptical machine in front of the TV.


Listen While You Work

I have a friend who downloads her professor’s lectures onto her iPod, and listens to them while she works out. Another one practices her Spanish while on the elliptical machine.


Bring a Buddy (or Two)

If you’re worried about making times for friends and making time to exercise, try taking a class or joining a gym with a friend or two. Then you can work out and spend time with your friends at the same time!


Double-time It

A lot of studios offer classes for kids and adults at the same time, so while little Sophie is taking ballet, I can be taking yoga. Perfect!


Schedule It

If you make it a habit of working out on Tuesday and Thursday nights from six to seven no matter what, then you’ll be much more likely to continue that habit.


Take a Class

A lot of cities, gyms, and stand-alone studios offer once-weekly half-0hour classes in everything from aerobics to yoga and Pilates. Join a class and stick to it! You might have more success if you have an instructor, rather than just the towel-girl at the gym.


Re-define “work-out”

A work-out doesn’t have to be at the gym. It can be a jog around the block, a walk to the grocery store, a trip with the kids (or your little sister) to the roller-skating rink.

When you keep these tips in mind, making time to work-out doesn’t seem like nearly as much of a struggle. It’s important! How do you make time to exercise? Please let me know, so I can try it too!

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Does #5 mean that you let the water run for 7 minutes before you shower? Your actual shower should last that long. Waste of water.

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