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7 Reasons to Skip a Work-out ...

By Jennifer

A month or so ago, I couldn’t get make it to the gymfor an entire week, and the guilt was so extreme I actually woke up once in the middle of the night. I just couldn’t make time that week, so rather than rush through my workout and possibly injure myself, I stayed away from the gym. There are valid reasons for skipping the gym, and if you can’t go, try not to feel guilty, like I did! Here’s my list of 7 reasons to skipa workout! Think of these as a free pass…

1 Illness

IllnessPhoto Credit: kirikiri

If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t be working out, especially if you have the flu or if you’re contagious. You won’t get a good workout anyway, you’ll only lengthen your illness, and you might even make someone else sick! Rest for a few days, and get back to the gym when you’re feeling better!

2 Injury

InjuryPhoto Credit: Mike and Sue Wright

If you’ve been injured or have been under a doctor’s care, always check with your doctor before you head back to the gym. Chances are, if you’ve suffered a serious injury, your doctor will recommend physical therapy, which is a great way toget your workout groove back.

3 Pain

PainPhoto Credit: Tonya Evans

If you’re experiencing pain in any of your joints or muscles during a workout, you ought to stop. Listen to your body! You’ll know the difference between normal workout muscle stress and something more serious. Always stop if you experience sharp sudden pain, and don’t work out again until you find out what’s wrong!

4 Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual CrampsPhoto Credit: simhomeless

A little exercise just before or during your period may actually help decreasecramping, but if you’re already suffering from PMSand cramps, then you ought to delay your workout. If you don’t, you can actually make them worse. Who wants that?

5 Time

TimePhoto Credit: Phil Jones - That's Nice Photography

Don’t ever workout if you know you’re going to have to rush. If you hurry, you might be careless and injure yourself… which would definitely lead to a lengthy delay in working out! Either abbreviate your workout or come back later, when you have more time.

6 Hunger

HungerPhoto Credit: Blue Water Benefits

Never, ever work out whenyou’re hungry, and also, be sure to stay hydrated! If you workout hungry, or when you haven’t eaten, you won’t get a good workout, because your muscles need protein to rebuild after the tiny tears you make while working out.

7 Weather

WeatherPhoto Credit: hernan.seoane

If it’s a gorgeous sunny day, and you just can’t see yourself wasting it in the gym, then bring your workout outside! Go for a jog or a brisk walk (if you have the right shoes), or just do your exercises in your back yard. Just be sure to actually DO your workout, or it doesn’t count!

There’s only one other reason I can think of for skipping a workout and that’s if you find you’ve forgotten your iPod! But ah-ha! Most gyms play their own music anyway! Can you think of another reason to skip a workout? Please let me know!

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