8 Reasons to Start Working out ...


8 Reasons to Start Working out ...
8 Reasons to Start Working out ...

Starting a new work-out, or starting to work out for the first time, isn’t easy. It can be intimidating, and you’ll probably be sore and exhausted the first few weeks. But there are so many great reasons to start working out. Here’s my list of reasons to start working out, all of which inspired me…

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Bikini Season

Bikini Season Photo Credit: Herodoto

Oh yeah, nothing inspires me to work-out with greater religious fervor than a peek in the mirror while shopping for a bikini. And now that it’s that time of year again, I’m not going to torture myself again… it’s time to work-out!


A Special Event

A Special Event Photo Credit: smoothdude

Your sister’s wedding, your vacation in Ibiza — sometimes special events or occasions can be a great inspiration for starting to work-out. You don’t want to show up your sister, but you don’t want to look lumpy in that orange taffeta bridesmaid dress, either, do you?


To Set a Good Example

To Set a Good Example Photo Credit: kadiwow

Your friends and especially your children look to you for an example… what better reason than that to start a new work-out? Preaching and nagging isn’t nearly as effective as leading by example, especially when it comes to children…


To Build Endurance

To Build Endurance Photo Credit: mikebaird

If you get out of breath and exhausted after spending half an hour chasing your kids or walking your dog, then you’d probably benefit from starting to work-out by increasing your endurance and stamina! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep up with the kids?


To Be More Healthy

To Be More Healthy Photo Credit: leroycommunitychapel

Working out will increase your heart health, lower your cholesterol, help you ward of illnesses, increase your strength and endurance, help you lose weight, and so much more. Aside from quitting smoking, I can’t think of anything you can do to make you more healthy than to start working out!


To Lessen Stress

To Lessen Stress Photo Credit: shine_dorydevlin

Stress itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s how we react to stress that can be harmful. It’s a fact, though — working out can help reduce the ill effects of stress. So rather than biting your nails, losing your hair, or eating a carton of chocolate ice cream, consider starting a new work-out to combat stress!


To Make New, Good Habits

To Make New, Good Habits Photo Credit: NejroN

It’s never easy to start a new work-out, or to return to it after a long time. You’ll be sore, you’ll be tired. But once you get past that, in just a few weeks, you’ll start to see and feel the results, and what you used to have to force yourself into will become a new, good habit.


To Improve Your Confidence

To Improve Your Confidence Photo Credit: Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara)

One of the best reasons to starting working out may not be obvious at first. After a little while, you’ll start to see changes in your body, new sculpted lines, and suddenly your favorite skinny jeans will fit better. You’ll become more confident, and that feels so good!

Once you start working out, you’ll be so glad that you did! Have you started working out recently? What inspired you? Can you share with me some other reasons to start working out?

Top Photo Credit: vapvarun

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