7 Reasons to Update Your Work-out ...


7 Reasons to Update Your Work-out ...
7 Reasons to Update Your Work-out ...

I try and update my work-out every year or so, but some people may need to update theirs more or less often. How do you know when you need to update your work-out? Here are my 7 reasons to update your work-out, so read through them and see if it’s time!

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You’re Bored

You’re Bored Photo Credit: alborath

If you’re bored with your work-out, you’re not going to want to do it every day or so. So if you find your work-out dull and drab, and you’re starting to loathe it, then it’s time to update your routine.


You’re Too Sore

If your work-out leaves you a sweaty and a little sore, it’s a good work-out. If it leaves you so sore you can’t function, or so sore you can’t continue, you definitely need to update your work-out.


It’s Too Easy

It’s Too Easy Photo Credit: Method Fitness

On the other hand, if you find you can do your work-out with very little sweat, hard breathing, or soreness, then it’s too easy. A good work-out ought to leave you breathless enough that you can’t sing or carry on a good conversation with someone. If you can sing along with your iPod, or gossip, you need a harder work-out!


You’re Not Sure You’re Doing It Right

You’re Not Sure You’re Doing It Right Photo Credit: DaveRubenPhoto

If you’re not sure you’re using the proper form during your routine, chances are, you’re not. And why bother to work out if it’s not effective? Hire a personal trainer who can show you the right way to exercise, and one who will help you develop a new work-out, one you’ll understand and love!


It’s Too Zone-specific

It’s Too Zone-specific Photo Credit: vapvarun

If you started a work-out with the specific intention of blasting belly fat, it’s not going to work. There are no work-out regimens that will work for one specific zone of your body. Yes, you can work your abs, and your core, but you won’t blast belly fat. It’s time to update your work-out to include toning your whole body.


It’s Outdated

It’s Outdated Photo Credit: The Hungry Ghost Kid

Are you still using Suzanne Somers’ Thigh Master, or the Jane Fonda VHS tapes? Then your work-out might be hopelessly outdated. You might love it, and may even see results, but sometimes, outdated work-outs can be harmful. For instance, some old work-outs included stretching while muscles were cold, and using a bouncing motion. Both of these are dangerous, and can cause injury!


Your Goals Have Changed

If you started a work-out to gain muscle mass or to just work on cardio, but now you’d rather keep your tone and fitness, then it’s a good idea to update your work-out to reflect your new goals. If you don’t change your work-out, you won’t be able to see new results.

Those are only 7 of the reasons you might want to change or update your work-out, but I’m sure there are more. Have you changed your work-out recently? Why? Please share with me!

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