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10 Tips for an Effective Work-out ...

By Jennifer

Why botherworking out, if you’re not going to get the results you want? You may feel like the gym is sabotaging you, especially if you’re not seeing the results you want right away, but you may not be working out as efficiently or effectively as you need to be. I might be able to help you get back on track! Here’s my list of ten tips for making sure you’re getting an effective work-out!

1 Wear the Right Gear

Wear the Right GearPhoto Credit: hurtingbombz

If you don’t have the right shoes, you won’t get a good work-out. You’ll be uncomfortable, and may even end up with blisters or another, more serious, injury. Also, if you’re not wearing comfortable clothes, you’ll spend most of your time adjusting your gear, and less time working out. So invest in a good set of clothes, and the right pair of trainers and carry everything you will need in your gym bag!

2 Warm up/cool down

Warm up/cool downPhoto Credit: Stephen K Lee

Before any work-out, make sure to warm up for at least five minutes, and to cool down for at least five minutes. And never, ever stretch muscles that haven’t been warmed up first! A warm up can be something simple, like abrisk walkon the treadmill, and a cool down can be exactly the same thing.

3 Know Your Goal

Know Your GoalPhoto Credit: Jeniee

Are you trying to bulk up,tone and define, or just improve yourcardio endurance? Knowing what you want to accomplish first will help you choose the right type of work-out, and will make sure you end up with the results you want!

4 Do It Right

Do It RightPhoto Credit:DrJimiGlide

If you’re trying a new exercise, or are using a new piece of equipment, make sure you’re doing it, or using it, correctly. Doing an exercise incorrectly, or using a machine the wrong way, will be ineffective, and you may even injure yourself in the bargain! If you’re not sure, ask for help!

5 Don’t Skimp

Don’t SkimpPhoto Credit: Mike Rohde

For any work-out to be effective, you have to do it regularly. You can’t expect to see results if you’re only doing your work-out twice a week! Aim for four days a week, be thrilled with five, and satisfied with three. And push yourself! Don’t expect to get a good work-out on the elliptical if the resistance and incline are set at “one.”

6 Sweat!

Sweat!Photo Credit: fuzzirella

Remember this simple rule: if you’re not sweating, you’re not getting an effective work-out! Another good gauge is your heart rate and your breathing. If you can still sing out loud or carry on a conversation, you’re not working hard enough, and if your heart’s not pounding, or you’re not straining a little, you’re going too easy… add a little weight, a few more reps, or a tougher incline or resistance, and break into a sweat!

7 Stick to It

Stick to ItPhoto Credit: jai ce

If you don’t see or feel results immediately, don’t give up!Effective exercise won’t be evident in the first few days. It can take weeks or months to see a vast improvement, so keep on trying!

8 Variety is Key

Variety is KeyPhoto Credit:****obo-bobolina

If you’re worried that your routine isn’t an effective full-body work-out, remember that variety is key. You’ll need different types of exercises, and even different types of exercises among those! Aim for a mix of these three: strength, cardio, and stretching. And in those three, try to combine exercises you find interesting and challenging.

9 Don’t Juice

Don’t JuicePhoto Credit: **Chris Gin**

If you’re not getting an effective work-out, you may be tempted to take drugs to help improve your performance. Don’t do it! Using hormones or steroids to change your work-out may seem like a good idea, but it’s terribly dangerous and unhealthy.

10 Talk to a Pro

Talk to a ProPhoto Credit: Method Fitness

If you’re looking for the most effective work-out, schedule a series of appointments with a personal trainer. He or she will ask you questions and help you develop a regimen and routine that’s perfect for your body, and soon you willlose weight and see the results you want!

Now that you know these basic rules, you’re sure to get a more effective work-out, right away! So load your iPod with great music, grab your water bottle and trainers, and get to the gym! Which of these tips do you follow? How do you get a great work-out? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Method Fitness

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