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Top 7 Ways to Tone Your Abs at Home ...

By Fawn

In this day and age all we ever hear about as women is that we need to have firm little tummies and keep them that way. But how do you know what’s effective in order to lose that stomach fatand get that toned little ab area? That’s what I’m here for ladies, to tell you what top 7 exercises are the most effective to get those abs toned at home!

1 Crunches on an Exercise Ball

Crunches on an Exercise BallOneeffective exerciseto try are crunches on an exercise ball which are a lot more difficult than they sound. Not only do you have to keep your balance but you’ve also got to flex and work your abs. Your lower back should be near the top of the ball when doing this exercise. Then slowly roll your shoulders forward towards your hips. 16 to 20 reps a day for 3 weeks and then add a weight for added resistance and you’ll have firm abs in no time!

2 Captains Chair Exercise

Captains Chair ExerciseHere’s what you have to do, be ready because it’s very difficult. Hold on to the handles and let your legs dangle. Then, very slowly bring your knees up to your chest. Drop and repeat. If you don’t have a captain’s chair it’s ok. Just put your arms on each side of a corner part of a counter and bring your knees up to your chest. You’ll work and lose that nasty arm fat and tone your abs with that one!

3 Full Vertical Crunch

Full Vertical CrunchTo do a full vertical crunch you need to bring your legs up straight so that your body makes a 90 degree angle and then slowly crunch like you normally would without moving your legs at all. It is relatively easy to do and you’ll only need to do about 20 reps a day in order to start seeing some results! This is also a great little addition to your "getting back to exercise after a break" routine.

4 Dance

DancePhoto Credit: Michael Quinn

Believe it or not dancing is not only one of the best cardio exercises out there, it is also a great way to keep your abs toned! Whenever you’re dancing just think about the movement of your hips and tighten up those belly muscles. You’ve never seen a flabby belly dancer and that’s because they do this all the time! So tighten up those abs and dance away!

5 Long Arm Crunch

Long Arm CrunchPut your arms above your head! The only difference between this crunch and a normal crunch is that your arms are held straight above your head. Make sure to keep proper form and don’t strain your neck. Do about 12-16 reps a day and you’ll be feeling your abs harden in no time!

6 Reverse Crunch

Reverse CrunchAlright in order to do this correctly cross your ankles and bring your legs up so your body is at a 90 degree angle. Slowly use your abs to raise your hips (don’t use the momentum of swinging your legs, that’s cheating and won’t get you anywhere). Raise and lower your hips about 15 times and you’ll be good to go! This will also help with thefat on your butt to a big extent.

7 Laugh

LaughPhoto Credit: Lisa at TSS

Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt? Well, that was your abs burning from a great work out. This is my all time favorite and I know that it works. Just don’t use this as your only ab work out or you won’t really see a whole lot of firmness!

There you have it! 7 AWESOME exercises that will show results! All of these workouts should be paired with a dietand other forms of exercise but with a lot of hard work and a few of these exercises you should be able to tone those abs at home in no time. Have another way to tone your abs? Have these tips helped you in any way? Let me know!

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