Top 7 Exercises to Tighten up the Buttocks ...


Top 7 Exercises to Tighten up the Buttocks ...
Top 7 Exercises to Tighten up the Buttocks ...

Are you happy with the shape your butt is in? Most people are not. They’re too saggy, too flabby, too big, too small and this list could continue going on forever. The right weight training activities and cardio exercise is needed. These can make a big difference on your backside. Below, I am going to give you the top 7 exercises to tighten up the buttocks…

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Surely, you know what squats are. These are very popular and well known for tightening up the buttocks. This is one of the best exercises you can do for your thighs, hips and butt. It will help you build strength for a variety of daily activities.


Back Leg Lifts

Have you ever heard of the back leg lifts? This will require you lying on your front as you are resting on your elbows. Slightly bend your right leg and keep the foot flexed. Raise up your left leg and stretch it as far as you can as you are pointing the foot. Do sixteen of these lifts on each side.


Two Point Kneel

This is an exercise that strengthens and co-ordinates the stabilizing muscles that are in the hip. This will require you balancing on one knee and the opposite hand with the opposite leg and arm stretched out. Stay balanced in this position. Reverse the position and hold for a couple of seconds, then repeat.


Leg Stretches

This will require you laying face down on the floor with your arms and legs stretched. Pull up your tummy so that there is room to slide your hand under your stomach. Stretch out the left are simultaneously with the right art about six inches from the ground. Repeat this with your opposite arm and left. You should do this eight times on each side.


Deep Plies

Stand tall with your feet eighteen inches apart and the legs turned out from your hops. Keep the back straight and drop the tailbone towards the floor as you bend your knees. However, don’t take the heels off of the floor. While you are doing this, squeeze the thighs together, pulling up the muscle in the butt area as well as the back of your thighs. Keep squeezing so hard that you rise up on the toes. Come down slowly and bend the kneed into another deep plies. Repeat this process four times.


Buttock Walk

Have you ever heard of the buttock walk? This is going to strengthen the gluteal muscles that are in your muscles. Take a seat on the floor with your legs straight in front of you as your arms are folded. Shuffle across the floor and then back. Repeat this process until you are tired.


Leg Circles

Lat flat on your front with your face on your arms. Raise one leg straight behind you and draw sixteen small circles with your foot. Do it clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Repeat this process with your other leg.

There you have the top 7 exercises for your buttocks. If you do these exercises, you will be sure to see an improvement. Which ones do you do the most?

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