Top 7 Exercises for the Abs ...


Top 7 Exercises for the Abs ...
Top 7 Exercises for the Abs ...

Tired of looking for the right abs exercise to get a tight stomach? Well, I'm here to give you yet another good blog about some working exercises for abs. With some time and some dedication, you will for sure be on your way to having that tight stomach that you have been waiting for. Listen to what I got to tell you about my top 7 exercises for abs….

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Sit-ups Photo Credit: successcomgroup

There are tons of different ways to perform this in your own home, which makes this an easy way to get slim abs. A Sit-up consists of lying down and bending your knees. Then left your body to your knees. This will make the stomach and lower abs area burn, which means it's working. However, people that have bad backs don't overdo it.



Crunches Photo Credit:

The crunches are one of the most effective exercises for your chest and stomach area. This exercise can be done in your home or anywhere that has a flat surface. You need to lay down on your back and knees up. After doing that, you need to put your arms behind your head and left to your chest. Do not go all the way, because that will be a sit-up. These can be done easily and not too much effort.


Exercising Ball

Exercising Ball Photo Credit: bronzedangel

The exercising ball is one of the best tools for exercising by yourself. You can do push-ups, sit-ups, and much more on the exercise ball. You can buy one of these in at any store around the world and online. The exercising can help you do your chin-ups and sit-ups easily. You can also stretch with the exercising ball, which makes this a perfect tool.




All you need is a chin up bar and yourself. The perfect exercise to work the upper strength and your stomach. Chin ups can be done by lifting yourself up to your chin. These can be difficult to do, because your lifting your own weight up to your chin, which is effective for getting fast abs. Very good exercise to do with a spotter or in a gym.



Swimming/butterfly Photo Credit: lomokev

When you swim in a pool or the ocean, you are using tons of different muscles in your body. Your arms and legs might do the most work, but the abs steady the body as you need to reach and move back and forth. Swimming is the one exercise that’s fun and easy to do. However, not many people live near the ocean or a swimming pool.


Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle Exercise Photo Credit: maryannlacy

This doesn't mean you use an actual bike. You just imitate a bicycle by lying on the floor and holding your head kicking in the air. Well, you don't actually kick outward, you just act as your pedaling a bicycle. This exercise takes steadiness and keeping your body in the air. Very effective and strengthens those abs quick. Might be some hard work, but in a week you will tell a difference.


Full Vertical Crunch

Full Vertical Crunch Photo Credit: dynamicbalance

The vertical crunch works no matter how you stack it. The exercise is easy to do and is just like a crunchy. You just hold the back of your head and lift your legs straight in the air. When you do this, you should do reps and keep a routine throughout the week for them to work. The exercise is simple and easy to do on the floor, which makes it my number one abs exercise.

Now that you know my secret and how these exercise work, you should consider fitting them into your schedule. These exercises can help you get your tight abs you been waiting for. With each one of these exercises, you will notice they take little to do and hassle free. Do you think these will work for you?

Top Photo Credit: ReActive Gym

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