10 Top Fat Burning Exercises ...


10 Top Fat Burning Exercises ...
10 Top Fat Burning Exercises ...

Many of you out there, just like myself, are looking for some fat burning exercises. Well, I have news for you! It’s time to burn away the fat with my top 10 fat burning exercises! I have to warn you, these are not your normal exercises. I have written so many articles on fat burning exercises and I figured this time, I had to put a twist to it! Below, I am going to give you 10 exercises that will help you burn that fat…

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Walk on the Treadmill

One of my favorite exercises involves walking on the treadmill. You will be surprised at how many calories you will burn by walking on the treadmill!


Run on the Treadmill!

Run on the Treadmill! Photo Credit: ~*~...nicole...~*~

Hey, would you like to burn that fat faster? Then go for a nice run on the treadmill. Make sure you have your running shoes on or your feet are going to hurt after this!


Do Push-ups

Do Push-ups Photo Credit: GravityGuy

To those of you that are not blessed with exercise equipment and cannot go to a gym for whatever reason, that’s okay, you do not need exercise equipment! Just doing good old push-ups is going to help you.



Sit-ups Photo Credit: justinsdisgustin

Again, you do not need “equipment” to exercise. Along with push-ups, go for some sit-ups. In no time, you will start to see the fat disappear.


Tummy Crunches

Personally, I like these better than sit ups. With tummy crunches, you do not have to have equipment. Although, there is equipment out there, such as the ab roller that can help you and give you support. With tummy crunches, you will start to get abs. isn’t that what you want?
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Jump Rope

Jump Rope Photo Credit: wishymom (Stephanie Wallace Photography)

Yes, you can be a kid again! Go out and jump rope! While you are at it, bring your children outside with you and have them join in! You could make it into a competition. I think this is a fun exercises and a great time to spend with your children! A plus to this is that your children will be getting their exercise as well!


Jump on the Trampoline!

Jump on the Trampoline! Photo Credit: lintmachine

Okay, while you have your children outside with you, if you have a trampoline, then jump on it! Hey, why not? They make small trampolines for exercising, so why not jump on the big one with your children? You will be burning fat and your children will be loving it.


Go for a Swim

Go for a Swim Photo Credit: big_pixel_pusher

I love swimming, it’s one of my favorite past times. Swimming will really help burn your muscles. If you have a pool in the yard, then jump in it and swim a couple of laps!


Throw Your Hands up in the Air and then Put Them Back down to Your Side…

Throw Your Hands up in the Air and then Put Them Back down to Your Side… Photo Credit: α is for äpΩL †

I’m talking about jumping jacks, silly! These are something that you must have learned in elementary school. Now, you can use them in your adult life! They are a great way to burn fat.


Dance with Your Kids!

Hey, do you know your kids' favorite song? Those kids seem to have a lot of energy, don’t they? Then turn on their favorite song and dance with them! Children love dancing and they will love it even more when their parents are dancing with them!

You see, I based a lot of my exercises on spending time with your kids in the process. You see, just because you have kids does not mean that you cannot exercise. You can have your kids join in with you! So, what do you think? Do you like this idea?

Top Photo Credit: DaveAustria.com

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