8 Best Workouts for Women in Their 30's ...


8 Best Workouts for Women in Their 30's ...
8 Best Workouts for Women in Their 30's ...

Hopefully, you started working out when you were in your 20’s, and have kept the good habit going. If you haven’t, then now is the perfect time to start! Working out regularly will help with your energy level, stamina, and of course, it will help you lose or maintain your weight! If you’d like to start working out, or are just looking to try something new, I can help! Here’s my list of 8 workouts for women in their 30’s.

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Yoga Photo Credit: Loolyn

Yoga is all about flexibility, and it’s a wonderful way to de-stress and unwind, especially with the busy family and work life of women in their30’s. Why not take a class two nights a week, or buy a video and try it at home? It really is a great workout, too!


Distance Running

Distance Running Photo Credit: bass_nroll

If you started running or jogging in your thirties, why not kick it up a little and try a mini-marathon while your joints can still take the impact? Make sure you have the right shoes, and stop if your knees, ankles, or back can’t take it… what a great workout!



Biking Photo Credit: jeremyhughes

If running or jogging is just too hard on your joints, then why not try biking instead? It’s also a great cardio workout, and it can be a lot of fun! If you don’t want to ride outdoors or if you want to condition, try riding a stationary bike at the gym.


Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics Photo Credit: janeyesee

Step aerobics is so much fun, and what a great cardio workout! If you’re intimidated or unsure, try a class with a friend… most gyms will let you try one class free, and if you love it, try a class that meets once a week.


Weight Training

Weight Training Photo Credit: theladymargaret

If you’re trying to keep your girlish figure, and avoid the natural hip and bootie spread that happens after kids, or that arm flab we all see now and then, try adding a few days of weight training to your workout. Remember, though, that any exercise or diet product that promises to help you “lose belly fat” or “lose butt fat” is plain lying — no such product exists. The only way to tone and trim is an all-over workout combined with a low-fat, high fiber diet.



Elliptical Photo Credit: HOGGAN_Health

I know my knees started to ache in my thirties, after decades of distance running, so I switched from the treadmill to the elliptical machine. It’s still quite a good cardio workout, only without the impact on your knees and ankles.


Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine Photo Credit: brookelunderville

It’s also a good idea to add a couple of days of non-weight bearing exercise, and using a rowing machine is a great way to do that! Make sure you’re using the proper form though, and the right weight, or you’ll hurt your back! Start by leaning forward, then pull back til your back in straight, and the handle is level with your abs — don’t lean BACK!


Team Sports

Team Sports Photo Credit: ZachAncell

Hey, you’re only in your thirties! You can still absolutely compete in team sports! As long as your doctor doesn’t advise you otherwise, keep on playing in that softball, volleyball, or dodge-ball league…

Those are just my suggestions for great workouts for women in their 30’s, but I’m sure there are so many more! If you’re in your30’s, how do you work out, and why? Do you have any other tips to share? Please let me know!

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I am 36 and have been working out 6 to 7 days a week after having my son 15 months ago. I have done P90X, Insanity, and now Brizilain Butt Lift on top of running about 15 to 20 miles a week. I am 5'9" and weigh 168 pounds. I eat very healthy, no sodas and drink about 80 to 90 ounces of water a day. The problem is I am at a major stand still and have been for about 5 months. I only need to lose 15 to 20 lbs but, nothing is happening. Any advise.

HI im 33yr my current weigh is 198lbs, my heigh 5' 4". can i know what the best exercise to loose weigh.

Ok I have a question I'm 14 and and I weigh about 108 and I need to loose a good 5 pounds fast bucause I'm 4 11 and I need to get my body back in shape if not I look dumpie and fat does anybody have any answers?

Ok I have a question I'm 14 and and I weigh about 108 and I need to loose a good 5 pounds fast bucause I'm 4 11 and I need to get my body back in shape if not I look dumpie and fat does anybody have any questions?

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