7 Reasons I Can Enjoy Life in the 30's ...


7 Reasons I Can Enjoy Life in the 30's ...
7 Reasons I Can Enjoy Life in the 30's ...

Turning 30 is no longer this mortifying experience for most people. It has become one of the more liberating ones. While the 20’s was a time to experiment with new things and rough it out, the 30’s are a great time to come into your own and just enjoy life. Here are 8 reasons why you can enjoy life in the 30’s.

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More Money

First of all, when you’re in your 30’s, you have been working for at least 10 years and you’ve made some money, grown in your job and perhaps invested some funds. In a nutshell you have more money. You can eat at fancy restaurants, buy fancy clothes and carry fancy handbags, something you could never do back in your 20’s.


Better Living Conditions

Most of us spent our 20’s living in closet sized apartments sharing with one or two roommates. Thankfully our 30’s are going to be much better. Since we have more money, we are going to live better. Goodbye to tiny holes for apartments and hello to comfortably sized homes.


Long Term Partners

Another wonderful part about the 30’s is that most of us, men and women alike, are done playing the field and are ready to settle down. It is a time for us to find and be happy with long-term partners. It’s quite literally the beginning of the rest of our life.


More Responsibility at Work

Since we are now well ingrained in our careers, we can enjoy more responsibility at work. We have people working for us now, our own assistants and teams who hang on to everything we say. Now that’s a real natural high.


No Compulsion to do Crazy Stunts

We’re past the days when we wanted to go bungee jumping or skydiving. We now prefer a glass of wine and the theatre. We don’t feel the need to blow up our conservative cash resources on something stupid and dangerous. We actually enjoy less dangerous activities.


People Will Take Me More Seriously

The fact is that when we’re in our 30’s people just generally take us more seriously. Whether we’re getting a bank loan, new job, or even talking to our in laws we are no longer silly immature 20 year olds. We are mature and sensible 30 year olds.


No More Trying to Find Myself

While the 20’s was a time to find ourselves, the 30’s are a great time to start living. No more trying out crazy meditation classes or backpacking in Mexico. We are ready to start living our lives as the people we are.

The 30’s mark a new era in our lives, an era where we can live a more comfortable and rewarding life. Definitely a time to enjoy life, like never before.

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I am rushing in some years so thanks for boosting it up.

number one would be nice.... on your 30's

this list gives me some ease about getting closer to 30. thanks!

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