8 Reasons Why I like Living Alone ...


8 Reasons Why I like Living Alone ...
8 Reasons Why I like Living Alone ...

Living alone has its charm and should not be underestimated. There is something supremely liberating about not having to answer to anyone and living your life exactly how you want to. Whether you have a roommate, partner or spouse, the decision to live alone has a number of benefits. Here are 8 reasons why I like living alone.

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No Putting up with Loud Music or Late Night TV

Sharing your home means sharing the airspace as well. Your roommate has a right to live life as he enjoys it even if it annoys you to death. When you live alone you will never get annoyed with your roommate blasting his insane music or watching late night infomercials. The airspace is all yours.


You Can Be as Clean or Messy as You like

When you’re on your own, no one is going to nag you about how untidy you are. You don’t have to pick up after yourself and put away your things. Conversely if you are a clean freak you don’t have to put up with your messy roommate’s behavior. You will finally be at peace.


Freedom of Dress

Sharing your home orapartment with other people means that you can’t step out of your room naked when your underwear is in the dryer. No, you have to throw on your shorts and t-shirt and then step out. Isn’t it then purely liberating to be able to wear as little or as much as you want when you live alone?


No Sharing the Bathroom

Living alone means that the bathroom is completely yours. The toilet seat can be left up or down as per your preference. You can have insanely long showers as well as interminable soaks in the bath. No one’s going to be banging on that door.


No Needless Conversation

Having roommates sometimes means that you have to make inane conversation at least for a while, just to be polite. You don’t really want to know how their day has been but you have to ask anyway to maintain a cordial relationship. Thankfully when the roommates are gone, so are those needless conversations.


The TV is Mine

The TV is all yours when you live alone. You can channel surf, watch ‘The Bachelor’ or even spend all day watching the news. No one is going to stop you and insist on a change in channel.


No Sharing the Refrigerator

When you live alone, the entire refrigerator is yours. You don’t have to stay off the items on the second shelf or replace the eggs that you used. You can keep your stuff wherever you like and enjoy the confidence that no one’s going to pinch your chocolate bar.


Can Sleep on the Couch

Another excellent reason to live alone is that you can sleep wherever you like. If you want to crash on the couch, no one’s going to stop you. If you want to sleep on both sides of the bed, that’s your prerogative.

Living alone definitely has its pluses particularly if you are an independent individual. If you can afford it, then hopefully the 8 reasons provided above will help you make the decision.

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I think getting the "I am living alone and have all these not necessarily bad but also not good habits" stage out of the way before your in a serious relationship is a must. If you want to have a serious relationship one day you have to remember the other person is just as complicated as you and probably wants to just do the same things. Communicating boundaries is a must.

I can be myself. I enjoy it fully.

It's great to live alone :) so when you decide to live with someone else, make sure to keep your old apartment

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