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7 Reasons Why Alone Time is Important ...

By Aprille

To me, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. I don’t always enjoy feeling lonely, but I do like to have time to myself now and again. I’ve listed 7 reasons why Alone Time is important. I think learning to be alone once in a while is something people need to do, both for mental and physical reasons. See what you think and let me know!

7 It’s Essential for Good Health

In my opinion, it’s a lot less stressful to be alone. Your mind is at ease, there’s no one vying for your attention, you don’t have to entertain anyone, you are responsible only for yourself and your own actions. I find this to be the perfect time for taking a nap when I haven’t had a restful night the evening before. Getting plenty of sleep is good for the immune system. Even sitting quietly can be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and allowing you to catch your breath.

6 You’ll Be Able to Recharge on Your Own Time

Focusing on my personal needs once in a while helps me feel more energized later. I like being able to ‘recharge’ my energy levels at a pace that is comfortable to me. Some people can take 5 minutes to do some yoga or meditate and feel invigorated, while others need a day or two. The amount of Alone Time you require will vary from that of your friends.


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5 Balance is Easier to Restore in Your Life when You’re Alone

Do you feel like your life is out of whack when you don’t get time to yourself? I know I do! It’s hard to think straight at times and the days simply slip right on by. Time to myself provides me with the opportunity to feel more in charge of what needs to be done and figuring out how soon it should take place.

4 You Can do What You Want at Your Own Pace

Maybe I don’t want to do the dishes right now. Or maybe I would like to sit and read until I finish the entire book. When it’s my time, I do what makes me feel happy and I don’t care how long it takes. I’m in no rush at all and I think that’s the way it should be.

3 It’s Nice to Just Sit and Not Have to Answer Any Questions

I find it extremely pleasant to not have to talk at all when I’m enjoying some peace and quiet all to myself. I often don’t answer the phone, unless I think it might be an emergency. Sometimes I’ll go for a walk in the woods with the dog because I’ve had enough of being around people. I have a couple of friends who are constantly asking the most random questions. They will call just to ask my advice on something, so I can help them make a decision that ultimately is much more of a personal decision than a joint one.

2 You Can Sort out Your Priorities Easier

I can think clearer when I’m by myself. To me, this is the perfect time to make a list of what I need to accomplish the next few days or during the week ahead. I tend to use the wee hours of the morning for this task. I can think clearer when the animals and my family are still tucked in their beds. It seems like the list grows quickly, but it’s easier for me to think clearly once it’s all out of my head.

1 You Get a Chance to Defuse

There are days when I come home with a raging headache. This is generally induced by the day’s events and de-stressing is the only way to make it disappear. Time alone allows you to unwind and reflect on what happened during the day. Toss out the bad thoughts, relish the good ones, and relax.

These are my personal 7 reasons why Alone Time is important. What are yours?

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