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8 Reasons to Treat Yourself ...

By Rebecca

Most women today lead a pretty crazy lifestyle. We work hard, play hard, and generally tend not to take a break. Sometimes though ladies, we really need to stop for a moment and indulge in a little R&R after all the go, go, go. I’ve put together a list of eight reasons to treat yourself; trust me girls, there’s always something that needs rewarding!

Table of contents:

  1. you’ve had a bad day
  2. you got a promotion
  3. you lost that last pound
  4. it’s your birthday!
  5. you’re stuck in a rut
  6. you’re feeling down
  7. you’ve just graduated
  8. because you’re you!

1 You’ve Had a Bad Day

After you’ve battled through hours of hell at work and managed to deal with idiots on the phone, broken heels, smudged eyeliner and period pain, ladies, you really deserve a break. Take a long hot aromatherapy bath when you get home and do it right. Light candles, get a glass of wine; the works! Believe me, girls, you’ll feel a million miles better for it in the morning.

2 You Got a Promotion

This one’s a no-brainer, girls! Obviously, if you’ve been promoted at work its cause for some special treatment. Before you go out on the town with friends to celebrate, indulge in a little time especially for you. Book a massage, get a manicure; indulge in a gorgeous new briefcase to match your fantastic job!

3 You Lost That Last Pound

What a great reason to treat yourself, ladies, but with this one, it’s probably best to stay away from the tasty treats. Go shopping for fab new clothes to flatter your new figure, get a great haircut – this is the time for some serious remodelling!

4 It’s Your Birthday!

On your birthday, you’re bound to get a whole stack of treats form friends and family, what’s one more? Do something you’ve been desperate to get under your belt for a while. Remember ladies, treating yourself doesn’t have to be all about chocolates and health spas! Book a weekend away; buy a course of dance lessons – do something for yourself!

5 You’re Stuck in a Rut

You know that feeling girls? When life just seems to be repeating the same, dull pattern over and over again and you can’t see a way out of the loop? Take some time for yourself and do something out of your comfort zone. Book a kickboxing lesson, take a singing class –whatever! Just make sure your treat pushes the limits of what you’re used to.

6 You’re Feeling down

Depression sucks, ladies, and sometimes it just seems to follow us wherever we go. Don’t lose yourself in a spiral of anxiety and low self esteem, girls; indulge in some serious luxury to boost your spirits and remind yourself you’re worth it. This is one situation where the salon and spa are certainly appropriate!

7 You’ve Just Graduated

Another obvious case, ladies. Make sure your special treatment says congratulations and also welcome to the real world! Those years at university were tough, but what comes after it –work, bills, responsibility – isn’t a bed of roses either. Taking some time out to indulge yourself between graduation and getting a job is an excellent plan, ladies, believe me!

8 Because You’re You!

It’s okay to go ahead and treat ourselves once in a while girls – as long as our everyday habits don’t become too indulgent!

How about you ladies? Can you think of any other excuses (I mean reasons!) to treat yourself?

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