7 Reasons I Couldn't Live without the Net ...


7 Reasons I Couldn't Live without the Net ...
7 Reasons I Couldn't Live without the Net ...

If someone had asked me 10 years ago about my dependence on the Internet, I would have ranked it as being very low on my list of needs. However, times have changed and I’ve come to the conclusion that I would be utterly lost without Internet access. Here are 7 reasons I couldn’t live without the Net. Feel free to let me know what some of your reasons might be for not being able to live without Internet service.

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I’d Miss out on All the Celebrity Gossip

As much as I despise the damage that gossip tends to do to people, a lot of it is very entertaining. I don’t care about the stuff that belittles others, but juicy tidbits on who is dating who or who wore the best outfit to a recent celebrity gala is always interesting. I also tend to hear about celebrity deaths and famous births through the use of the Internet.


I’d Have to Depend on a Repair Man to Fix My Washing Machine

I’ve fixed my washing machine three different times, thanks to the Internet, thus saving myself hundreds of dollars in fees to hire a washing machine repair man to do the same exact thing. I was able to research the problem I was experiencing with my machine, locate the correct part to order, and print off instructions on how to replace the malfunctioning part.


I Wouldn’t Have Access to News and Weather Whenever I Want

I like being able to bring up a 10 day weather forecast when I’m getting ready to start an outdoor project. I also enjoy receiving an important news flash the moment something happens somewhere in the world. I think being able to keep track of weather and prominent happenings in the news helps me not to feel like I’m sitting here in the woods in the dark. I like to know what’s going on around me, especially since I don’t have access to any television stations.


Finding the Answer to a Pertinent Question Would Take a Lot Longer

Don’t you love the way you can enter a question in a search engine on the web and be directed to a dozen or so sites that might have the answer you need? I do! It takes me just a few seconds to find the answer to a question I or my kids might have, instead of hours or days. I learn something new every day!


Turning in Work Would Be a Chore without the Net

I earn money writing, so being able to turn in my work via the Internet access I have at home is a huge bonus. I wouldn’t be able to earn any money writing in the first place if I didn’t have the Internet. I would still be relying on the local newspaper to alert me to odd jobs available around town without the Net.


Keeping in Touch with Friends Would Be Difficult

Chatting with friends on the many social networks available, as well as sending email messages back and forth wouldn’t be possible without the Internet. I do still write letters to a few friends who don’t have the Internet, but most of my friends and family don’t respond to written letters. If I didn’t take time to send them an email, I wouldn’t even know if they were still alive!


I Wouldn’t Know What My Family is up to

I guess this can be a positive and a negative thing. I found out that my parents were taking a trip to see my baby sister on the west coast through Facebook. I’m sure I would have eventually heard about their upcoming adventure some time, since they wanted me to house-sit for them. However, it probably wouldn’t have been until a week before they were due to leave on their trip.

I’m sure you can identify with some of these 7 reasons I couldn’t live without the Net. What are some of the ways you rely on the Internet to get you through your day?

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I couldn't live without bthe net coz I work on the net

Believe it or not, the other day when I couldn't find something in the kitchen, the first thing that popped into my head, was to Google it! Strange....

I feel like my right arm has been cut off if I even lose my internet connection for an half hour.

You couldn't go to awesome sites like Allwomenstalk. Brown nosed.

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