7 Reasons Why I Love Social Networking Sites ...


7 Reasons Why I Love Social Networking Sites ...
7 Reasons Why I Love Social Networking Sites ...

Social Networking sites burst on the scene a few years ago and have now become our lifeblood. Whether you hate it or love it, most people are part of it. It offers a number of benefits and is really easy to use while still maintaining your anonymity to the general public. You can find out more about your favorite celebrities, interest groups and generally get connected to people all over the world. Here are 7 reasons why I love social networking sites.

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It Keeps Me Connected to Everyone

Since practically everyone is on some social networking site, by signing in yourself, you get a chance to stay connected to everyone. You can see what your old school friends are up to, what they look like and what they do for a living. You can find an old flame and see if he or she is dating anyone. It allows you to keep in touch and keep track of everyone.


It is Easy to Invite People for Events

Social Networks have a tool that allows you to invite other users for an event. You are required to provide a short description of the event and add your list of invitees. The invitee can then decide if he or she is attending by choosing the appropriate option. They can also check who the other invitees are and the attendance status.


I Can Share Photos in a Cinch

This is perhaps the best part about a social network. It allows me to share photos and videos with everyone I know without having to send massive emails. All I have to do is upload them onto the social media website and all my friends can now view them. There are additional tools like tagging each photo with the person’s name.


It Allows Me to Quickly Chat with a Friend

Social networking sites have an in built chat room. When you sign it, other friends who are signed in can see that you are connected and you can chat with each other. This is useful it want to catch up with someone or find out more details about something.


It’s a Great Way to Promote a Business

It is not just people who create an account on a social networking site. Business too can create a page and add a great deal of information about themselves on this forum. It is an excellent way to promote a business as it basically acts as a free advertising space.


It Helps Me Find Old Friends

All of us lose track of friends and family as we go through life. With the help of social networking sites, you can find almost any old friend if you can remember their name. Chances are you will have one or two mutual friends making it even easier to track them down.


It Helps Me Find Common Interest Groups

Social networking sites are also an excellent way to find like-minded individuals sharing a common interest or goal. If you are a foodie, chances are there is a foodie community in your city and they have a page on your social networking site. Join in and join the fun.

Social networking sites are here to stay. They may evolve into more sophisticated versions of what they are but as of now, they offer the best way to reach out to new people, reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with everyone.

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#1 is mainly the reason. The world has become a little bit smaller with them. :)

It could make us free our country :) Free Egypt

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