10 Reasons Why I Prefer Facebook over Myspace ...


10 Reasons Why I Prefer Facebook over Myspace ...
10 Reasons Why I Prefer Facebook over Myspace ...

Facebook vs. Myspace, yes it’s a big war on the Internet. Some prefer Myspace, but many others say Myspace is in the past. There is also a MyYearbook, which is okay, but it’s not really my thing. Now is the time for Facebook. That’s right, Facebook has taken over the Internet. Below, I am going to give you 10 reasons why I prefer Facebook over Myspace. However, I know that some of the things I like about Facebook can be found on Myspace as well, but I find it easier on Facebook for some reason.

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Not as Many Young Kids on Facebook

Not as Many Young Kids on Facebook Photo Credit: Rodrigo Bertolino

Have you noticed that it’s not all “teenager-like" on Facebook? There are so many teenagers on Myspace though. It seems that maybe Facebook is something that is for adults.


You Can Find Your School Friends

You Can Find Your School Friends Photo Credit: ♥ Spice ♥

I love the search method. You can easily find your school friends. All you have to do is put in the name of your school and the year you graduated and it comes up with everyone from that school who say they graduated during the year you did. Neat, isn’t it?


You Can Easily Close Your Profile

You Can Easily Close Your Profile Photo Credit: Terra Kate

You can close your profile so that others cannot view it. Only those people who are on your friends list will be able to view your profile. I love this option, because then, you won’t have people looking at your information, if you do not want them to.


You Can Select Who See’s Certain Pictures

You Can Select Who See’s Certain Pictures Photo Credit: marciη

Do you have friends on your list that you do not want to see certain pictures? Then you can select that option. If you do not want Stacy to see the picture you just posted, but you want Stephanie to see it, then all you have to do is select who you want to view it.


Advertising on Facebook Seems More Legit

So many open up Facebook so that they can advertise. I do this too. It is legit. However, advertising on Myspace doesn’t seem so…professional. Have you noticed this?


I like the Facebook Chat

I like the Facebook Chat Photo Credit: songlim

While Myspace has a Myspace chat, I don’t like having to download it and run it on my computer at the same time. You can easily login to your Facebook, see who is online and if you want to chat with them, you can.


My Family is More into Facebook

I think one of the biggest reasons I signed up for Facebook was because my family was on there. Other than that, if they didn’t have Facebook, I probably wouldn’t have been so into it. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family.


I like the Applications on There

I like the Applications on There Photo Credit: immb

The applications may be on Myspace, but I like them better on Facebook. I like Fishville. I never got into it on Myspace, but I do on Facebook.


The Profiles Are Simple

The Profiles Are Simple Photo Credit: kpishdadi

Sure, I love making my profile all “bling, bling,” but it gets old. I take so much time to do it, to get it just right "just because." Then, Facebook doesn’t have that option, so I have no choice but to leave it alone and do you know what? It looks like everyone else's. Facebook is not competing with each other on their page. With Myspace, you always try to have a cooler page than your friends.


The Parenting Feature

The Parenting Feature Photo Credit: Pixelkunst

I read that there is a parenting feature on it. You can have your kids on Facebook, but it’s through your profile. I haven’t tried this out yet, but I have read about it and it sounded fun.

There you have 10 reasons why I prefer Facebook over Myspace. Some of you out there may like Myspace more – hey, you loser. Just kidding! It’s your choice, if you like Myspace the best, then have at it, but I like Facebook better. So, what do you prefer?

Top Photo Credit: Herschell Hershey

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What I like about Facebook over Myspace is that you get a lot less creepy messages from guys trying to talk dirty, or if they're local, trying to meet up. Well, that has been my experience, anyway.

I completely disagree with number one. Most teens use facebook. Including myself and my friends.

good list, but i had to delete my facebook, i couldn't lig of. Lol! I had no self-control.

The Facebook filter saves me the extra hassle of having to set up separate accounts for friends, family, and work. That way, if I have to send around some school stuff to my classmates, my other non-school friends and relatives wouldn't have to bother with it at all. :D

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