7 Reasons Why You Would like World of Warcraft ...


7 Reasons Why You Would like World of Warcraft ...
7 Reasons Why You Would like World of Warcraft ...

Repeat after me – I am not a dork. Just because I play World of Warcraft does not mean that I am a dork, like some people think. World of Warcraft is for people of all types. Many people play it and it is a very popular MMORPG. So, why do I like World of Warcraft? Below, I am going to tell you 7 reasons why you would like World of Warcraft …

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I like Playing It with My Husband and Daughter

I like Playing It with My Husband and Daughter Photo Credit: Ming - chun

I must say that it is fun to play it with my husband and daughter. My husband knows he’s lucky to have a wife that will play game with him. My daughter, who is only 6, loves playing it with us. Isn’t that cute?


Clears My Mind

Clears My Mind Photo Credit: king2009_12@yahoo.com

I do not know about you, but World of Warcraft and many other games help to clear my mind. Whenever I have had a long day and I have enough energy to play, it helps relax my mind. It also helps me forget about the troubles that I have for about an hour.


I like the Leveling Part

I like the Leveling Part Photo Credit: cronuskane

The leveling part is fun. I have worked my way up to the top and have a powerful character. I admit that it took me a lot of time to get to the top, but that is because I did not get the chance to play it every single day.


Good Excuse

Good Excuse Photo Credit: XLeoparde

Thinking of ditching your partner tonight, but that “but honey, I have a headache excuse” is getting old? That’s okay, because you can now say “but honey, I’m in Ulder.” Okay, I would never do this, but it’s still funny to say!


Gender Roles Are Different

Gender Roles Are Different Photo Credit: vveneziani

You see, in World of Warcraft, it seems that gender roles are different. What do I mean of this? I am saying that you can look like a cow, have a few extra pounds of have a bad hairdo and it will not matter one bit.


It’s a Challenge

It’s a Challenge Photo Credit: XLeoparde

I like the challenge that Blizzard has given. Leveling can be easy, but at the same time, it is hard. There are many tips that you can use to level up your character.


It’s Fun

It’s Fun Photo Credit: juanpol

One of the most important reasons as to why I enjoy playing World of Warcraft is because it is fun. Of course, I wouldn’t play it if it were not fun. Don’t you think it is fun?

Those are 7 reasons why you would like World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is popular and there is a lot of controversy behind it. Relationship problems, addictions and so on. Really, if you say it’s causing a relationship problem, then there are problems deeper in that relationship, it isn’t just WoW. So, why do you like WoW? Okay, why do you NOT like WoW?

Top Photo Credit: Ming - chun

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I'll admit I love playing wow too. Can't wait for cataclysm!

I am not interested in a game related to war. Brainstormers are my choices.

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